Can I Give My Hamster Alcohol? All You Need To Know

Can I Give My Hamster Alcohol

Can I Give My Hamster Alcohol?

However, hamsters not only tolerate alcohol, they actually prefer it to water, which may be due to the caloric content of the alcohol rather than the hamsters’ taste for it. Alcohol contains seven calories per gram, which is close to the nine calories per gram found in fat.

Animals in the wild consume a lot of fruit, which undergoes a natural fermentation process that can produce ethanol with an alcohol content of up to 5% (perhaps not much for a human but a lot more for a tiny mammal).

Some animals are very careful not to get drunk, so alcoholic fruit juice is avoided by those creatures. But many mammals, including entailed treeshrews, slow lorises, plantain squirrels, and several species of rats, consume nectar from the Malaysian bertam palm tree, which can contain up to 3.8% alcohol.

These rodents serve as pollinators and are rewarded with nectar. The alcohol content of the beverage of choice for these small fluffy creatures is fairly high, but they don’t appear to be too inebriated.

According to what we read, hamsters can handle large amounts of alcohol without getting too tipsy. Even though we can’t help but think that the numbers are skewed when you consider that hamsters spend their lives running in circles on a wheel, we’ve decided to add them to the long list of animals that science has shown to enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage.

Can Hamster Drink Milk?

Since they are capable of digesting both meat and plant matter, hamsters cannot be considered vegetarians. This opens up the possibility of their consuming dairy products like milk and cheese. Milk spoils quickly, so you can’t just leave it in a bowl for your hamster to trample.

Also, know Can hamster eat raspberries?

The second problem is that you shouldn’t make such a dramatic shift in your hamster’s diet as to include milk. There is a risk of death from diarrhea and dehydration if a person suddenly changes their diet. It might make your hamster sick, at the very least.

Can Hamsters Consume Fruit Juice?

Hamsters, especially those living in the wild, regularly consume fruit and vegetables; however, they are highly allergic to the acidic and sugary components of all fruits.

Fruit juices are not good for hamsters because they have too much sugar and acid that can upset their stomachs. Sugar is bad for hamsters because it can cause them to gain weight and develop diabetes.

Can I Give My Hamster Alcohol?

The alcohol tolerance of Syrian hamsters is incredible. However, hamsters not only tolerate alcohol, they actually prefer it to water, which may be due to the caloric content of the alcohol rather than the hamsters’ taste for it.

According to Gulick’s research, hamsters who were given sucrose water are less likely to drink alcohol than those given calorie-free saccharin water.

Can I Give My Hamster Alcohol

And in the 1990s, researchers looking at hamsters as a potential model for alcoholism studies decided to test ethanol against carefully calorie-matched offerings of tomato juice, peach juice, mango juice, sugar water, and chocolate Ensure Plus nutrition shake.

When presented with sugary, calorie-rich substitutes, the hamsters did indeed begin drinking less alcohol. The researchers concluded that the superior performance of Chocolate Ensure Plus was due to its being the flavor of choice.

The ethanol was administered to the hamsters in two different ways: orally and via injection into the abdomen (known as an “intraperitoneal” injection). As was to be expected, the hamsters’ ‘wobbling’ on the scale increased with the increasing amounts of ethanol injected into their bodies.

The hamsters, on the other hand, were able to consume much higher doses of ethanol orally without showing any signs of motor impairment. They had a tolerance to alcohol roughly ten times higher than that of humans.

Do Hamsters Consume Bottled Water or Tap Water?

You can safely give your hamster tap water if it is also suitable for human consumption in your area. Water that has been filtered is preferable because it reduces the risk of contamination.

But if you really stop to think about it, you’ll realize that hamsters in the wild will drink water that isn’t as clean as what you get from the tap. Hamsters drink water from puddles or dew on grass or plants.

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