Can Male and Female Betta Fish Live Together?


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After having your betta for a while, you might consider getting another fish to keep alongside him. You’ll eventually start to notice how stunning female betta fish are. You will then wonder, “Can a male and female betta fish live together?” when this occurs. The two most popular strategies to maintain male and female bettas together are to keep one male and one female.

Maintaining A Male And Female Betta Fish Pair

Make sure the tank is large enough and has plenty of length if you intend to maintain a single male and female betta fish together (40 Gallons or more). This will lessen the possibility of hostility between the two fish and assist your female keep her distance from your male if she needs to.

You should provide them with a sizable tank as well as a LOT of plants and hiding spots. The flora in your aquarium should be dense so that your betta’s line of sight is continuously broken. Add plenty of caves, driftwood, and ornaments where your bettas can establish their own territories in addition to plants.

Install Tank Dividers


A tank divider can be used to separate a male and female betta if your tank is large enough (at least 15 gallons). This is advantageous since you can still see each of them in your tank while preventing any direct interaction between them.

Just keep in mind that male and female bettas prefer different amounts of swimming room, so try to divide your tank so the female has 10 gallons and the male has 5.

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Keeping Two Sexes Together Is Difficult

When the two sexes are kept together, other issues can arise in addition to the possibility of conception. For instance, they both have the potential to grow agitated and drowsy. Trying to breed can frequently result in weakness that leads to lethargy and disease.

Additionally, the female may have unpleasant egg-boundness. In some circumstances, she might also take on a dominant position in the tank and start behaving violently toward your betta.

Fry & Bubble Nests

Regardless of how well you and the female have gotten along in the past, if your betta does lay eggs, she must be removed from the tank. The male will start assaulting the female indiscriminately because he believes she poses a threat to the eggs.

Additionally, keep in mind that some of the fry, assuming the two bettas do manage to produce them, will probably turn out to be male. At initially, this isn’t an issue, but as they become older, fighting will start to happen. It is challenging to be familiar with the various fish’s behaviors, tank needs, and diets.

Short Term

You should be possible to combine two betta fish tanks in your home if one has males and the other has females for a few hours while you clean the other tank. You must keep a tight eye on the fish and watch for indications of aggression. This two-tank setup can assist you in learning your fish’s behavior, which is important if you plan to breed them and are unfamiliar with housing hostile fish together. Until you can easily tell when one fish is acting aggressively, we advise keeping the betta fish in different tanks.

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Long term

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to make male and female bettas live together permanently. Unless it’s mating season, the male views the female as a threat and will probably act aggressively. You will need to separate the fish if one of them becomes violent toward the other even during the mating rite.


Sadly, your male and female betta can only coexist for a brief period of time during mating season, and even then, you must keep a watchful eye on them. Unless you are breeding and select one of the numerous breeds that can coexist with bettas, like Neon Tetras, we advise staying away from it. You can find tranquility and a variety of hues with these other fish. When the fish are together, you must camp outside the aquarium if you are breeding, especially if you are a novice.

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