Do Goldfish Feel Alone?

Red Cap Oranda Goldfish


If maintained in a tank alone, do goldfish experience loneliness? No, they don’t, which might surprise you. At least, none that we are aware of. Given everything we know about goldfish, it seems highly improbable that they experience loneliness. It’s common to worry that your goldfish will become lonely if they are kept in a tank by themselves. Your goldfish swim around the same tank alone, all day long. They are observing the same plants, burying their faces in the same gravel, and swimming beneath the same decorative bridge. They don’t get regular meals throughout the day, they don’t have much to look at outside the tank because you go for work or school for hours at a time, and you just learned that the “three second memory” is a fiction. A goldfish will undoubtedly become bored if you don’t get them a companion fish. Actually, they most likely won’t.

How do we know goldfish don’t experience loneliness?

It’s impossible to say for sure if goldfish experience loneliness. Nobody can know what goes on inside a goldfish’s head, after all. Yet, we can assert that it is extremely unlikely for goldfish to experience loneliness.

Goldfish are just not the same as people; they are not social animals in the same way that we are, and they are not able to become lonely or want for company in the same ways.

In actuality, many of the goldfish who have lived the longest have been kept alone, with no apparent negative effects on their health.

Can goldfish live alone?

Does that imply that goldfish should be kept alone since they don’t experience loneliness? Or should you acquire additional fish to keep your goldfish company?

You don’t need need to acquire other fish only to keep your goldfish company because it’s doubtful that goldfish experience loneliness.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to catch other fish for reasons other than those mentioned above, in which case. Just remember to take each fish’s demands into account while selecting compatible tank mates.

Can a dead fish make a goldfish depressed?

The likelihood that your goldfish will experience depression after the death of the other fish is extremely slim. If they are no longer in the tank, though, they might get bored. Keep in mind that goldfish require a lot of stimulus to prevent boredom. Additionally, if they become bored, they could develop depression.

Pet Fish That Can Coexist in a Tank

Here are a some excellent options for tank mates that get along with goldfish in case you were wondering.

Goldfish Bowl

Pink Barbs

Goldfish make excellent aquarium companions for rosy barbs. There is no chance that your goldfish will eat them because they have comparable temperature and pH requirements and grow up to 6 inches in size. They are excellent fish for beginners because they are calm and simple to care for.

Ziegler Danios

You could assume that zebra danios won’t be a good fit for your tank due to their small size. However, you must also keep in mind that these fish are exceedingly swift. The likelihood is that even if they did want a snack, your goldfish would never be able to keep up with them.

Additionally, the good news is that zebra danios are omnivores and require the same pH level and temperature as goldfish! As a result, ensuring that their nutritional demands are met will be considerably simpler.

Giant Danios

Giant danios are a fantastic additional option. And these zebra danios will fare much better if you’re concerned that they’ll get devoured. Make sure to maintain gigantic danios in groups of five if you intend to keep them with your goldfish.

Just take care when feeding the two fish. If not, your gigantic danios can find up competing for food with your goldfish.


You now know that the likelihood is high that your goldfish never feels lonely. Having said that, giving them more tank mates will stimulate them and ensure their happiness. Just make sure they have similar water parameter temperaments and aren’t too little if you’re going to add tank mates.

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