What is a group of swans called? All you need to know

What is a group of swans called

What is a group of swans called?

Swans are one of the beautiful birds known for their grace and elegance. It’s a stunning view watching swans together swimming in the water. These beautiful birds are intelligent, powerful and with great speed and stamina while swimming and flying.

These birds have many different species and they are all seen together in a group while swimming, flying, or on the ground. They may look adorable together but produce loud noises and have the capability of being aggressive to someone who tries to come closer to them.

But what are the names described for the group of swans? So, there are many names that refer to the flock of swans and many species also form a group and they are called as some collective nouns term.

So you might be thinking about how they can have so many terms for their group. The group of swans depends on the place they are and the activities they’re performing. Some of the terms given are a flock of swans or flight of swans. 

What is a group of swans called?

They can be termed as a flight of swans when they take a flight all together or a flock of swans when they all make a group and do some activities together. Here are more terms if a group of swans:

  • A mark of swans
  • A drift of swans
  • A ballet of swans
  • A regatta of swan
  • A fanfare of trumpeter swans
  • A royal of swans
  • A lamentation of swans
  • An error of swans
  • A sounder of swans
  • The tranquillity of swans
  • A school of swans
  • A team of swans
  • A ‘V’ formation of swans
  • Whiting of swans
  • A tank of swans
  • A squadron of swans
  • A whiteness of swans
  • A swannery of swans
  • A gaggle of swans
  • A game of swans

Why are they termed as wedges of swans when in a group?

So, these birds when they are flying together are known as wedges of swans. These swans take a flight to migrate.

Why is the group termed the ballet of swans?

Ballet dance is a form of modern dance. So when these swans swim on the surface of the water at night, they all look very beautiful and as if they are dancing on the surface of the lake, this is the reason they are called the ballet of swans. They all look very gracious and show their happiness. 

Why is their group termed as A drift of swans?

Drift means to move slowly or a slow movement. These beautiful birds, when swimming in a pond, look like they are drifting on the surface of a pond, as a boat floats slowly on the water. So because of this movement of theirs, they are termed as a drift of swans when in a flock.

Why are they termed as A whiteness or A whiting of swans?

Swans are beautiful birds with snowy white color on their body. And when these swans are all together they look snowy white and because of their color, it becomes difficult to differentiate between them and the snow-covered earth in snowy winters. Therefore these terms suit them well and they are known as the whiting of swans.

What is a group of swans in a flight called?

So when these swans are in a flight movement they are referred to as a wedge of swans as they fly all together in wedge-like formation and they look like the shape of ‘V’ and that is why they are also termed as A ‘V’ formation of swans.

There’s a front swan who leads all the rest of the swans in a group. There’s a chance that the adult swan always leads the other swans and it guides the rest in flight. 

What is a flock of swans called when they swim in water?

So when these swans swim in the water they are often termed as a bevy of swans or banks of swans. These banks of swans love to come to make a group on the riversides or the lakesides. When they swim in the water, the other waterfowls like ducks or geese join them and swim together on the surface of the lake.

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What is a group of baby swans called?

A group of swans is termed depending on their age and growth. Like when they are at the time of hatching they are known as chicks and after some days of hatching, they are termed as cygnets of baby swans. They are in general known as a clutch of baby swans.

How many swans form in numbers and why? 

In general, these gorgeous birds form in hundreds or even thousands while swimming in the water. When they fly, the birds keep joining them one after the other.

They form a large flock to fly together in search of food and they also feel safe and comfortable in groups. The adult swans protect the young ones in groups and also safeguard them from predators.


These stunning-looking birds look more beautiful when they form a group. They look like fairy tales when they form a group and swim or fly together. These birds live together in groups and form a flock to save energy and protect each other from predators. Moreover, it’s become easy to search for food in a group. So, this bird group formation is something that looks stunning and is not a thing to miss.

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