Can Pet Snakes Eat Eggs? Everything You Need To Know

Can Pet Snakes Eat Eggs

Can Pet Snakes Eat Eggs?

You’ve probably watched movies or heard stories regarding snakes eating eggs and are curious if they’d be a decent feast for your pet as well. Regrettably, the only explanation we have is that it varies with the type of snake you have.

There are several snake species, each with its own food requirements and body composition. If they eat an egg, some of them will be OK. Some consume only eggs, although some of the highly popular varieties cannot eat eggs at all and would perish if they did.

Continue reading to learn which snakes can eat eggs and why others can’t, so that you can provide such a secure and healthful diet for your pets.

What Snakes Only Eat Eggs?

1. Dasypeltis

Dasypeltis is one of only two snake genera which have evolved to solely consume eggs. The East African egg-eating snake, a famous house pet, is included in this taxonomy. It’s an excellent option for anyone who dislikes providing live food to their pet.

This genus contains several different snake species, along with the Arabian egg-eating snake, the montane egg-eating snake, the cross-marked egg-eating snake, and others. These snakes all are non-venomous and reside in areas where they may easily access bird eggs.

2. Elachistodon

Elachistodon is another genus that solely eats eggs, and it is mostly home to the Indian egg-eating snake, also known as the Indian egg eater. These snakes may be found in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. This snake is not dangerous, but when frightened, it rises its body into the air in a “S” posture, somewhat like a Cobra.

Egg-eating Snakes: How Do They Eat Eggs?

Egg-eating snakes have such a unique backbone that aids in the cracking of the solid eggshell as it goes through their digestive tract. These enamel-tipped bones aid in digestion, allowing the snake to consume more food and spend less time asleep. Most eggs are tiny quail eggs or something similar, although some snakes can grow large enough to eat chicken eggs.

What Kinds Of Snakes Can Eat Eggs?

If they can’t find food somewhere and are powerful enough, most other snakes may assault a nest and consume smaller eggs, but they will normally hunt about for other food first.

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They prefer little eggs, such as quail eggs, rather than giant chicken eggs. The shell of an egg is fairly hard but will take a snake a lot longer to digest, therefore they will frequently stay inactive for lengthier after eating an egg, especially because they lack the keen bones that an egg-eating snake needs to break the shell.

What Snakes Aren’t Allowed To Eat Eggs?

The python, boa constrictor, and rattlesnake cannot ingest eggs at all, and doing so will lead their bodies to try regurgitation, which will end in death if they fail. The hard shell of an egg cannot be digested by these snakes, causing significant health difficulties as it goes through the digestive tract.

Ironically, because the ball python is one of the most common snake species maintained as a pet, particularly in the United States, many of us are unable to securely give eggs to our python pets.

How Frequently Will My Snake Eat?

Younger snakes can feed twice a week, but as they age, their appetites diminish and they can eat just once every other week, specifically if they consume something difficult to digest, such as an egg.

Snakes may also vary their metabolism at will, making it difficult to predict when they will feed. A big python may spend up to 6 months without feeding, however we recommend consulting your doctor if it has been more than a month to ensure your pet is not struggling from a blockages or other health issue.

Take Away Message

Even though most snakes can eat a little egg without ill effects, we suggest avoiding it unless you already have an egg-eating snake. The hard shells lead them to lay inactive for longer than usual, starving them of nourishment if this happens too frequently, and in the case of the renowned ball python and boa constrictors, it can be fatal.

Snakes aren’t normally given treats, but providing them with a varied diet of good things such as rodents and poultry might help them avoid health problems and establish a diet comparable to what they could find in the wild.

Only supply little eggs from quail or smaller if you wish to serve eggs and have an appropriate snake. Larger eggs might create issues in snakes that can regularly consume them, therefore it’s best to consult your vet about the appropriateness of serving the hard shells to your particular breed.

We hope you liked reading this brief tutorial and got the answers you were looking for. If we were able to assist you in providing a nutritious diet for your snake, please feel free to share our investigation on whether snakes might eat eggs on Facebook and Twitter.

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