Do goldfish have teeth? All you need to know

Do goldfish have teeth

Do goldfish have teeth?

Goldfish were considered pets 2000 years ago and used as ornamental fish in ponds and tanks. These goldfish are seen as symbols of luck and fortune and in ancient times were only owned by members of the Song dynasty.

At present times, goldfish are kept in bowls and aquariums,  throughout homes, classrooms, and doctor’s offices. Goldfish, as the name suggests, are not always gold but originally they are dull grey-green hue.

Mutation and breeding over the years developed the goldfish into present-day colors of orange, red, and yellow pigments which are found in 100 varieties of fish today. Goldfish have two sets of paired fins and three sets of single fins.

Goldfish have two sets of paired fins and three sets of single fins. These fish do not have barrels or sensory organs that act like taste buds. Goldfish do not have scales on their heads and do have teeth, they chew or crush their food in their throats.

Goldfish have teeth at back of their throats. These teeth cannot be seen by the human eye because they are situated at the back of the throat.

Goldfishes have large eyes and a great sense of smell and hearing. The sense of hearing comes from small bones near their skull that connects with their swim bladder and their inner ear.

The number of scales on goldfish is between 25 and 31. The world’s longest goldfish is 18.7 inches and is owned by a man from the Netherlands and recorded in the Guinness book of records.

Do goldfish lose their teeth? 

Just like other animals, Goldfish often lose and re-grow their teeth throughout their lives. When the old teeth falls, new teeth grows to replace the old ones. You can even spot goldfish old teeth on bottom of your tank.

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Wild Goldfish

Goldfish can be the villains if found in wild carp areas. They are known to carry diseases and parasites as well as a breed wild carp in the area. The largest goldfish are found in Lake Tahoe.

The size of the fish depends upon the size of the tank. If the goldfish have enough food, proper water temperature, and ample room to roam, goldfish can become larger with time.

There are many versions of goldfish, some are the miniature version of a monster goldfish. Commercial fishermen on the great lakes earn profits by catching these goldfish species.

An adaptable, intelligent fish

Goldfish are an aquatic species which can deal with temperature fluctuations, changes in pH, cloudy water and even low dissolved oxygen levels. Goldfish are happy fishes and don’t need companions to be happy and are fine if kept alone in the tank.

They are very friendly and can adjust to any kind of fish. They are also smarter and can be trained in every aspect. Goldfish usually eat pellet or flake food and are adjustable with their natural diet.

Goldfish eat worms, larvae, small crustaceans like brine shrimp and salad fixings like years and lettuce. Goldfish owners add greenery to the bowl and the fish even like eating plants.

So Why Do Goldfish Need Teeth?

Goldfish are not predatory fish and thus their teeth never evolved beyond their intended purpose. These grinding features works when the goldfish attempts to eat more solid foods.

A fish in fishbowl eats pellets, Blake’s, diced vegetables such as lettuce and peas. Goldfish also consumes insects and dead plants. These dead plant and animal matter needs teeth to digest. Larger foods can become threat to goldfish, thus teeth of goldfish have ensured the survival of goldfish.

Do Goldfish Have Sharp Teeth?

Goldfish do not have sharp teeth but you should avoid annoying the fishes. The teeth of goldfish are situated at the back so the chances of biting you are impossible. There teeth are designed for grinding, tearing and shearing which turns food into paste and makes it easier to digest.


Thus goldfish have teeth which are not sharp but you should not prob your finger into goldfish’s mouth. These teeth are present in all the fishes as grinding features for the food. Goldfish are lovely pets with intelligent minds that can be trained even into playing soccer.

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