How Much Does A Bearded Dragon Cost? Species Price Guide

Bearded dragon ownership is a foregone conclusion once you get over your lingering apprehensions about such creatures. Those sunglasses are pretty cool-looking. Also, they don’t actually spew fire, but they do blow up their necks, turn their heads, and bobble their shoulders, so there is some melancholy there.
Those lizards with beards have Australian ancestry. They have a high reproductive success rate, laying up to 25 eggs at once. Due to excessive exportation in the mid-2000s, however, tougher regulations are in place now. Therefore, acquiring a baby bearded scale is likely to cost you a considerable sum of money.

How much does a bearded dragon cost? 

The answer to that question can vary widely from $40 to $50 on the low end to hundreds or thousands of dollars on the high end. This may be the case because of the animal’s gender, age, morph, color, origin, state of health, or even a vet certificate. Be aware of the bearded dragon’s age before making a payment; they can live up to 18 years.

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Bearded dragon prices involve more than simply the retail cost of your future scale child. The cost of setup is another factor to think about. After that, there are things like food, utilities, substrate, and general upkeep that need to be accounted for.
Beardie named Rex serves as the inspiration for these rules. The vet says that at age six, Rex is his healthiest patient ever. What follows are details on how much it costs to get Rex, how his habitat is outfitted (and with associated costs), and what other outlays you can anticipate.

Purchasing a Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons can range in price from low hundreds to high thousands. Baby dragons are more reasonably priced than their full-grown counterparts for one main reason: they are still quite young. Price ranges from $25 to $65 for baby beardies are common. Some older dragons can fetch upwards of $100 at auction.
While various kinds of the bearded dragon are available, the inland bearded dragon is by far the most popular choice for anyone looking to buy a pet. Price may be higher for bearded dragon varieties that have been selectively developed to exhibit the desired trait (such as vivid coloration).

Shopping locales: Whether you get your bearded dragon from a pet shop or a breeder can also affect the final price tag. Bearded dragons can be purchased in pet stores, pet expos, and by mail order. Only buy from reliable dealers to encourage responsible reptile breeding and trade. If you’re confused, don’t be shy about asking for clarification.

The dragon was the first significant cost, and it is also the one that people most readily recall. This is the part about the new pet that you’ve been waiting for, of course. Also, dragons make fantastic house pets. They’re a joy to take care of and provide hours of amusement.
Pet dragons appear to be moderately priced, which is good news if you’ve just started looking into them. In most pet stores, you can buy a bearded dragon for between $50 and $100. While certain bearded dragons may be more expensive than others, this is not always the case. The price of a dragon can vary depending on a number of factors, including its age, sex, breed, and color, as well as where you get it.

Bearded Dragon Expenditures: The Low and High Ends

The preliminary and regular costs of caring for this lizard might vary widely from one owner to the next, depending on factors including their individual tastes and financial stability.
Your first outlay might be as little as $300 or as much as $1,000. Depending on the age of your beardie and the source of its food, your monthly expenditures could be anywhere from $50 to $100. Beardie morph, local food, supply costs, and your personal choice for high-quality versus low-cost items are just a few of the variables that can affect these estimates.

How Much Do Bearded Dragons Cost?

Depending on the pet store, the price of a baby bearded dragon can range from $40 to $75. The adult price tag is higher than the juvenile price tag because of the compounding nature of care costs and the ease with which juveniles can be fed.
Variations in morph can also have an effect on the cost. Bearded Dragons rise in value based on over twenty distinguishing morphs, including color, pattern, scalation, and size. The zero morphs Bearded Dragon can cost upwards of $900, making it the most costly species.

  • Red (e.g. Red, Dark Ruby, Sandfire Red)- $50 – $300
  • Orange Morph (e.g. Citrus Tiger, Sandfire, Tangerine, Sunburst)- $100 – $200
  • Silk back- $100 – $200
  • Yellow Morph (e.g. Citrus, Lemon Fire, Olive, Sandfire Gold)- $100 – $300
  • Leatherback- $100 – $500
  • Hypomelanistic Morph (e.g. Pastel)- $100 – $900
  • Translucent Morph (e.g. Blue, Green, Purple or Polar)- $200 – $450
  • Dunner- $300 – $500
  • Zero Morph (e.g. Snow or Pure white)- $300 – $900

How much does a Bearded Dragon cost in electricity?

The Reptile Forum UK offers some insight into the expense of running a vivarium’s heater and lights. On Reptile Forums UK, Switchback mentioned that monthly electricity bills were about $4. When estimating expenses, he suggested you include in the rising price of electricity, as he did in 2012.

Bearded Dragon insurance

The cost of veterinary care can add up quickly if your pet is unwell. To ensure your bearded dragon gets the care he requires, consider purchasing insurance. 
Animal care costs of £1000
The cost of the vet, losing a loved one, and being robbed all added up to £1,000.
Total cost: £42.87 (10 x 0% APR) per year. Approximately monthly direct debit payments of £4
You’ll need to budget £127.84 every year, or £10 x (0% APR). Monthly payments of around £12 via direct debit. An annualised rate of £145.76 (with 0% interest) is the cost. monthly automatic payments of about £14

Decorations are the very last thing on your shopping list. The temperature gradient in their aquarium is not complete without the enrichment that décor provides. The costs of hides, hammocks, and plants can range widely.
One-time Expenses for Organizational Beginnings: $200 – $1,100
Everything you need to know about preparing your home for a new pet is included in the list below.
List Price (USD)
Glass Container Capacity: 50 – 120 gallons
$100 – $600 UVA Lamps for Use While Soaking in the Tub
T5 UVB Fixture, $15 – $30
Reptile Mat, $15-$80
Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles, $5 to $30 (optional)
Electric Heating Element, Ceramic, $5
Plates cost between $15 and $25, while bowls cost between $2 and $10 for use in the bathroom.
$10 – $30 Hides
Retail Locations $5–$40
Hanging Chairs & Swings
Plants, $5 – $35 (real or fake)
Pair of Digital Thermostats (RRP $5 – $15)
Humidity Gauges Can Be Purchased For $5 – $40
Appliance Timers can be Purchased for $5 to $15
$10 – $25 Total
$200 – $1,100

Money Outlay Monthly: $50 – $100
Bearded dragon maintenance costs are split about evenly between electricity and food.
In contrast to feeding adults, feeding young animals is more expensive since they require more food to sustain their growth.
List Price (USD)
Price Range: $25 – $60 Fruits & Veggies (some fruits too)
$15 – $30
$10 – $15 Total \s$50 – $105

Expenses per year range from $100 to $200
The yearly expenditures are easy to overlook since they seem inconsequential. You should take your reptile in for an annual physical. Scale rot, obesity, and anorexia are just some of the hidden health problems that some veterans may be struggling with.
List Price (USD)
Low-Ultraviolet-A Radiation Power (50-75 Watt) Twin Basking Lamps
$8 – $15 T5 (High Output) Two UVB-emitting tubes
Protein Powder, Multivitamin, and Calcium Supplements x2 $15 – $30
Cost of Annual Vet Visit: $10 – $15
$75 – $140 Total \s$100 – $200

What To Know Before Buying?

You should look for these indicators of health in a Bearded Dragon you’re considering purchasing:
Their cage was the scene of much activity.
The jaw is smooth and well-formed.
Sparkling blue or green eyes.
Having a perfectly straight back from head to tail
No splits or kinks in the tail, which is a good sign.
No missing toes here!
Legs are sculpted and muscular in a healthy way.
If you’re going to buy something online, check the vendor’s shipping policies first. There are methods for safely transporting Bearded Dragons, but the experience is typically stressful and unpredictable for the animals.


It’s important to know which bearded dragons to avoid buying, as some have been caught in the wild, have questionable morphs (like Silkbacks), or aren’t domesticated. A reptile exhibition is the ideal place to get a bearded dragon. Adult variants of the bearded dragon can cost more than $900, compared to $40–$75 for a typical youngster.
When looking to purchase a bearded dragon, there are several venues to choose from (expos, pet stores, and even private breeders). A wider variety of stores sells food and supplies.
Enjoy yourselves, and if you need anything while you’re out, just check our list.

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