Best Plants for Goldfish

Best Plants for Goldfish
Best Plants for Goldfish


If you’ve ever tried to keep real plants with your goldfish, you may have given up on your dreams of a gorgeously landscaped tank, but keeping goldfish can be a pleasant and fulfilling experience. However, keeping live plants in your goldfish tank has a lot of advantages, such as enhancing water quality by boosting oxygenation and lowering waste products, offering refuge for fry, and generally giving your goldfish with an enriching and natural environment. The secret is outwitting your goldfish when it comes to keeping live plants with them. You may maintain a planted tank by picking plants that don’t require substrate, grow quickly, or are generally unpleasant to your goldfish. These evaluations compile our picks for the top 13 plants for goldfish aquariums.

1.Java Fern

Although the java fern grows slowly to moderately, it is the perfect plant to keep with your goldfish. A substrate is not necessary for java fern. In reality, if fully planted in substrate, the plant will perish as a result of its rhizomes dying. You won’t have to stress about attempting to retain it planted as a result for you. In contrast to planted plants, java fern prefers to be attached to surfaces, so you can tie or glue it to objects like rocks and driftwood. This makes it much more difficult for your goldfish to tug it loose.


Hornwort is a very well-liked aquatic plant, and it’s simple to understand why. This plant is perfect for big tanks and even ponds because of its quick growth and ability to reach heights of up to 10 feet. However, it doesn’t grow much above the water’s surface, so your living room won’t eventually house a 10-foot-tall plant. Most fish find it unpleasant and challenging to consume because it lacks leaves and has harsh spines instead. Even if you have goldfish that are determined to eat it, it will probably grow back before they finish it off because of how quickly it grows.

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Another excellent choice for goldfish tanks is anubias since, despite its slow growth, most fish find it repulsive. Similar to Java fern, it doesn’t need substrate and, like that plant, will perish if its rhizome is fully planted. You can glue or tie anubias to surfaces in your aquarium because it prefers to grow attached to them. It easily reproduces through rhizome division and thrives in low-light conditions. Large, creeping root systems that are more space-consuming than the plant itself and grow swiftly are produced by this plant.


Aponogeton plants are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a plant that will grow more quickly than your goldfish will be able to consume it. Although they can tolerate very little light, these plants will develop more quickly in environments with greater illumination. Even some people claim that these plants grow several inches in a single night. Although their development rate decreases as they become older, they are often pretty tall by this time. The hardest part of keeping Aponogeton plants alive for long enough for the bulb to properly root into the substrate may be keeping them planted because goldfish typically won’t eat bulb plants.


Vallisneria is the only tall, grassy plant that is virtually indestructible to goldfish. There are numerous types of vallisneria, the tallest of which can reach a height of six feet. However, it won’t grow above the water’s surface and instead gently floats across the surface of the water, which can obstruct other plants’ access to light. It is a fantastic low-light plant, yet the plant may grow taller as it stretches for more light in lower light levels. Shorter, bushier growth will be encouraged by increased lighting. It is unattractive to most fish and is simple to spread by means of root division.


The easiest plants to grow and propagate for your goldfish tank are Java fern, Hornwort, and Anubias. Hornwort is also resilient and is a good choice because it can be used in a variety of situations. However, only the best 13 plants for your goldfish tank were discussed in these reviews. You could experiment with dozens, if not hundreds, of different plants in your goldfish tank. Trial and error and attempting to keep up with your goldfish are sometimes the only ways to figure out what works in your own tank.


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