Can Goldfish Live with Guppies?

Can Goldfish Live with Guppies?
Can Goldfish Live with Guppies?


Guppies and goldfish each have their own appeals. Each fish has an own personality, and watching them can be both relaxing and enjoyable. You may have asked if you can keep goldfish and guppies together because they each add their own special charm to tanks. We have the solutions, and you should absolutely be aware of a few things.


Why Do These Two Fish Make Good Tank Companions?

You may have heard goldfish described as a cold-water fish and guppies as tropical fish. Both of these statements are somewhat true, but not entirely. Goldfish are not real cold-water fish because they like chilly to temperate water and thrive best in temperatures between 68 and 75 °F. Guppies, on the other hand, prefer water that is temperate to tropical and between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there is overlap between these two ranges, allowing you to choose a tank temperature that is secure and agreeable for both goldfish and guppies. Goldfish and guppies may both provide beauty and interest to your tank because of their distinct aesthetics.

Both of these fish will also gladly consume vermin like hydra and mosquito larvae as well as quickly procreating snails like bladder and ramshorn snails. The growth disparity between goldfish and guppies could indicate that the two fish are both consuming various pests. For instance, goldfish are unlikely to solve your hydra issue, and guppies won’t get rid of your bladder snail infestation. In areas where pests are present, combining the two may result in a balanced approach to managing pest populations.


Why Would These Two Fish Make Poor Tank Companions?

Tank mates are among the many things that goldfish will eat. Although they are calm fish, they simply like food. Anything that can fit in a goldfish’s mouth is fair game. Your goldfish may be too young to consume adult guppies if they are still young. Most goldfish, nevertheless, are not too little to consume guppy fry. Since guppies are livebearers, they procreate ferociously when they are happy. This might not dissuade you if you’re okay with people eating guppy fries.

Remember that guppies rarely grow larger than 1.5 to 2.5 inches, although goldfish can become rather large.


How Do I Keep My Goldfish and Guppies Together?

There are a few things to think about if you want to have guppies and goldfish in the same aquarium. You should keep these two species apart if you want your guppies to be able to reproduce, or you should offer densely vegetated places in the tank where the fry may securely hide out while they are growing. You are unlikely to have any fry survive being housed with goldfish if there is not a lot of heavy cover. Think about tall plants that can be cultivated in bunches like Vallisneria, Ludwigia, and Elodea, as well as floating plants with trailing roots like miniature water lettuce and Amazon frogbit.


When your goldfish start to get big enough to consume your adult guppies, be ready to put them into separate tanks or use a tank divider. Please keep in mind that goldfish’s eyes are frequently larger than their “stomachs” if you feel OK with part of your guppies getting devoured. Because of this, goldfish may try to consume objects that will suffocate them, which may result in the death of both your goldfish and the guppy it was trying to devour.


Keep a close eye on the water parameters and tank temperature to make sure everything stays within a safe range for both fish.

While goldfish and guppies are not truly tropical or cold-water fish, respectively, both fish can experience detrimental health effects if housed in unsuitable tank settings. If you plan to keep these two species of fish together, try to maintain a tank temperature in the low to mid 70 F range.

Guppies should be kept in a tank with beautiful goldfish for the best guppie and goldfish mix. Since most fancy goldfish are slower than regular goldfish, they have a lower chance of being able to catch guppies or guppy fry that are moving quickly.

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Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to maintain the happiness and health of both species while keeping guppies and goldfish in the same tank. Planning and careful thought are required, though! Guppies can reproduce at an absurd rate, taking over a tank in just a few months, while goldfish can be tough tank mates for little fish. Even while both fish may be able to effectively counterbalance one another, you will still need to put in some effort to make sure the environment is secure for both species.

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