Ranchu vs Lionhead Goldfish

Ranchu vs Lionhead Goldfish


Goldfish of the Ranchu and Lionhead varieties are equally good pets despite small aesthetic changes. Both of these varieties are well-behaved, have lovely colors, and have adorable, round cheeks that appeal to many goldfish enthusiasts. The Ranchu and Lionhead are two of the slowest-moving kinds of goldfish available due to their pleasantly thick bodies.

Unfortunately, neither the Ranchu nor the Lionhead goldfish make good starter fish. The majority of their normal organs and body parts have been impaired due to the manner they have been bred.


Visual Differences

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Ranchu Goldfish

Average size (adult): 6 to 12 inches

Average weight (adult): 7 to 10 ounces

Lifespan: 10 to 15 years

Family-friendly: Yes

Friendly tankmate: Yes, a mong its own species

Trainability: High

Lionhead Goldfish

Average size (adult): 6 to 10 inches

Average weight (adult): 5 to 10 ounces

Lifespan: 20 years

Family-friendly: Yes

Other pet-friendly: Yes, a mong its own species

Trainability: High

Overview of Ranchu Goldfish

Character and Personality

Ranchu elegant goldfish are a calm variety. These fish are gregarious beings who like the company of other large, sluggish goldfish. They are not quite as sleek as their more svelte offspring and will squirm around the tank while swimming slowly. They are really interested in food, and the owner who feeds them is even known to them.

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Medical & Care

The Ranchu goldfish requires little maintenance and attention. You can keep your Ranchu healthy and content as long as you follow their care instructions. Ranchu goldfish require a large tank with an aerator and filter. A balanced and healthy diet for goldfish should include sinking foods and perhaps daily servings of blanched vegetables.


Goldfish from Ranchu can be taught a few tricks. This includes laying in your hand, eating with your hand, swimming through hoops, and more.


Ranchu goldfish require a lot of swim room. Ranchus are not particularly picky about their housing needs, but they do need ample swimming space for their muscles and swimming styles to grow properly.


When ranchus are fully grown, which normally happens between 1 and 2 years of age. The male will fertilize the eggs after the female carries and lays the eggs. If you want to successfully breed your goldfish, you should remove the eggs as soon as you can since the goldfish will want to consume them.

tank size

For goldfish, tank size is extremely crucial. A tank with at least 5 gallons must be present for young Ranchus under a year old. Your Ranchu goldfish should be kept in a tank that has enough room for decorations, filtration, aeration, and still leaves the bulk of the space accessible for them to swim happily.


As this is their main diet in their native environment, ranchu goldfish need a diet rich in protein and plants. Your goldfish will thrive on a diet consisting primarily of gel food, sinking flakes, and pellets designed for them. In moderation, occasional treats like dried tubifex worms, brine shrimp, and other processed or live protein sources are also beneficial.

Overview of lionhead goldfish

Character and Personality

Aquarium fish with lionheads are calm and kind. They rarely act aggressively toward other tank members. They get along nicely with visually challenged goldfish like the Black Moor goldfish since they are slow-moving fish. They may not get very big, but their personality more than make up for it! One of the first fish in the aquarium to approach you by the glass in search of food is them.


Despite being on the smaller side, lionhead goldfish need not need a small aquarium. In order to promote healthy muscle growth and the right amount of activity, lionheads perform best in tanks larger than 10 gallons.


Lionhead goldfish are capable of being taught a range of underwater stunts. They can push a sinking or floating ball around, swim through hoops, and eat out of your hand.

Lionhead goldfish can begin reproducing at the mature age of one to two years. The male will pursue the female to show that he is interested in mating. Around the tank, the female will lay eggs for the male to fertilize. When the water temperature is low, breeding begins.


Deshelled peas should be supplied once a week along with high-quality sinking meals and protein supplements to ensure a proper diet is fed.


They can both be appealing because both goldfish varieties come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and looks. Finding a breed that will suit your demands is essential. The Ranchu is the ideal breed for you if you want a finless, vibrant, and chunky-bodied goldfish and you keep a tank with other disabled goldfish. The Lionhead goldfish is a fantastic option if you enjoy the sight of wen development and a slender body with an expanded face.

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