Can Rabbit Eat Cucumbers? Everything You Need To Know

Can Rabbit Eat Cucumbers

Can Rabbit Eat Cucumbers?

Cucumber is one of the most eaten and easily found vegetable, which can be grown indoor as well. To the question addressed over her, rabbit can consume cucumbers.

Are Cucumbers Safe For Rabbits?

Although cucumber is counted as a vegetable its actually a fruit, as it possesses seeds, however from cooking point of view, it’s a vegetable. However, while feeding rabbit, consider cucumber as fruit and should not be given on daily basis, as fruits constitute only 5% of the food.

There are two types of cucumbers found in the market, like the English which is small in size and has rough surface, whereas the other one is the North American cucumber, which have smooth surface, with thick peel and in length are long.

Both types of cucumbers can be eaten by rabbits, however in times of eating, North American will take more time to be consumed due to thick skin.

Are Pickles Safe For Rabbits?

Pickles should not be given to rabbits, however its ingredients like cucumbers and dill can be given. However, both together should not be given. Packaged fruits and vegetables should not be given to rabbits.

Nutritional Value Of Cucumbers

Cucumber is an excellent fruit for rabbit as it is easily available and not expensive. However, whether the rabbit likes eating cucumber is its own choice, but there is no nutrition which is considered unique in cucumber, so making it a part of the diet is not quite necessary.

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Cucumber contain huge amount of water, fibers, which is great to meet their water requirement, however, the fibers get diluted due to high water content. Apart from cucumbers, the diet of rabbit should also contain other vegetables.

According to the expert, rabbits should have 3 types of vegetables on a daily basis, so that the body requirement is met. Pellets can also be included in their daily routine of good quality, as they are rich in fiber, protein and fat. However, as the calorie content is high, pellets should only be given in little amount.

How To Feed Cucumber?

Rabbits love variety in food, thus feeding them different fruits and vegetables in limited amount will help in meeting the nutritional requirement. As cucumber contain too much of water and if given in large amount, it will discomfort the digestive system, resulting in too much of water loss.

As the stomach of rabbits are small and if they eat excessive cucumber, it would fill their stomach and the food to be eaten will not be consumed, resulting in malnourished rabbit. Even too much of fruit can cause dental problems.

Thus, a rabbit’s diet can contain various vegetables, fruits, cucumber and pellets, forming a proper diet. However, if the rabbit dislikes cucumber it is not something to fret about.

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