Do Betta Fish Have Teeth And Can They Bite?

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 Siamese fighting fish, often known as betta fish, are well regarded for being some of the toughest fish in any aquarium. Anyone considering pairing their Betta fish or purchasing one may wonder if they have teeth due to this reputation.

Your betta fish has small, white teeth, which you can see if you use a microscope or magnifying glass to get a close-up look at them. If you flash your camera towards the fish’s mouth and zoom in, you can also see them.

What Purposes Do Betta Fish’s Teeth Serve?


Your betta’s teeth work primarily to break up large bits of food so that they can be digested. Although they also eat vegetables because they are gutty, these fish primarily consume meat.

Bettas may easily access frozen larvae that are high in protein and water content since aquatic insects like mosquitoes, midges, and bloodworms hatch their eggs in water. They also thrive on pellets, live food like flying insects, fresh plants, algae, and algae.

Because of this, the betta must attack and seize live prey in order to stop it from fleeing before being killed. With their teeth, they find it simpler.


The name “Siamese Fighting Fish” refers to bettas for a good cause. These fish are aggressive and would fight bloodily to defend their area.

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They engage in aggressive behavior right away, especially with other male fish. For their defense, the teeth are essential.

The teeth of bettas are pointed. It uses them to attack and rip apart the scales, tail, and body of its adversary. Because of this, it’s not a good idea to maintain two male bettas in the same aquarium.

Do betta fish nip at humans?

Biting propensities are mostly determined by a fish’s personality. Even though your hand is in the biting range of some bettas, they are laid back and shy and won’t bite. Other betta fish will, however, perceive your hand as a threat and come after it, biting it.

The teeth of the betta won’t be able to damage you even if it reaches for your hand and nips at it since human skin is too robust for them. Generally speaking, bettas are not hostile toward people. A curious betta fish is probably the one who “bite” you.

Are the Bites Painful?

Because their mouths and teeth are too little to deliver painful bites, bettas’ bites are not hurtful to humans. However, it hurts the other bettas.

Most of the time, the “love” bite feels more like a mild tickling. Others, though, claim that it feels more like an odd pinch.

Put some food on clean, grease-free fingers and let your betta eat from them to get a sense of how it feels. If it has a strong stomach, it will bite both the food and your finger.

Betta Fish Bite People: Why?

  1. Curiosity

Bettas are not hostile to humans. If your pet fish bites your finger, it probably did so because it became intrigued when it spotted your hand approaching the tank.

These fish lack hands with which to investigate the strange object in their domain. Because of this, they grab objects with their tongues only to make sure they are edible.

2. Self-defense

A betta may occasionally bite you if it perceives your hand as a potential threat. It nips at you as a result of its defensive reaction. Additionally, it explains why you shouldn’t put your hand in the aquarium frequently because it worries the fish.

3. Accidental

If the fish sees food on your finger, it can accidentally bite you. Bettas are often very accurate, but if they are hungry, they may become a little irrational.

Biting: When it’s a Red Flag

Sometimes, biting can be an indication of aggressiveness. However, these bites are frequently directed at the fin or tail, so if you see one, you might wish to separate the animals. When they bite aggressively during spawning, they really don’t want to mate. During this procedure, men and females can both be combative. The recipient’s response will reveal if the bite was aggressive or not. For instance, there is no chance of their mating if it flees and tries to escape the offender.


Although betta fish have teeth, they are not intended to hurt you. They ingest food, explore surfaces, and protect themselves from predators using the fish.

If you have multiple pet fish housed in the same aquarium, keep an eye on them and separate them if they begin to bite one another. The other fish will be harmed by a betta’s bite, but you won’t be harmed.

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