Faintail Goldfish

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Popular and beautiful freshwater fish known as fantail goldfish is suitable for both novice and seasoned owners. Observe their long, flowing fins—it’s an amazing sight!

These fish require relatively little maintenance, but there are a few areas of their care that can be a little challenging.

You will learn everything you need to know about caring for Fantail goldfish from this manual. We discuss size, lifespan, food, and a lot more!

Species overview

The Fantail goldfish is one of the most well-liked species in the pet trade, distinguished by its graceful fins and regal appearance. These fish are a fantastic option for novices because they are quite robust and can thrive in the correct circumstances. These simple decorative goldfish are freshwater species that cannot be found in the wild. These fish, like other Fancies, are a result of selective breeding methods that date back hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Fantail Goldfish Size on the Average

The length of a Fantail goldfish is from six to eight inches on average. This distance is measured from the tip of the nose to the tail fin.

Their elongated fins account for a significant amount of their overall size. Fantail goldfish typically have smaller bodies that can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Care for Fantail Goldfish

The upkeep of fantail goldfish is rather easy, and most novices can manage it with no issues. You have a ton of fun in store if you decide to get one of these fish for yourself.

They do, however, have specific care needs that you must be aware of. These creatures, like other varieties of goldfish, can’t live in the tropical fish’s normal water environments! They need cooler settings designed with their security in mind.


Parameters for water

Fantails are “designer” fish that are not found in the wild naturally. This implies that unlike many well-known tropical species, we have no baseline to model tank conditions against. However, we do know something about the wild carp, the cousin of the goldfish that is the most similar. The most common sources of inspiration for aquarists are the Crucian and Prussian carp.

65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the water (around 73 to 74 degrees is ideal)

pH ranges from 6.0 to 8.0 (aim for neutral)

Hardness of water: 4 to 20 dKH

You’ll need to get an aquarium test kit in order to maintain these conditions and maintain consistency in their tank. This will enable you to monitor the water’s condition and stop any unwelcome changes that can endanger your Fantail goldfish.

Normal Conduct & Temperament

These goldfish are quiet and gentle in nature. Fantail goldfish will enjoy having tank mates of other species, thus they shouldn’t be maintained by themselves or in communal aquariums.

When kept with other fish species, such as tropical or betta fish, fantail goldfish will become loud and aggressive. For them to be happy and prevent undesirable behaviors like fin nipping and chasing, they should be maintained alongside other fantails or fancy goldfish.

Fantail goldfish need at least a 20 gallon tank for one and 10 gallons for each additional goldfish since they grow anxious and lethargic in tiny aquariums.

Can GoldFish Eat Lettuce


Your fantail goldfish will be more likely to spawn in a sizable, well-kept aquarium. More breeding will occur during the warmer months, however heaters can also be used to provide warm conditions. The breeding couple should be fed at least three times daily, and diets high in protein encourage breeding. The male fantail goldfish chases the female fantail goldfish’s anus, which is a distinctive feature of goldfish spawning behavior.

The male fertilizes the eggs with milt after the female puts hundreds of sticky eggs alongside the tank. Goldfish will devour their eggs and fry, thus it is best to remove the breeding couple or eggs right away.


An appealing, simple-to-keep fish, the fantail goldfish is perfect for a newbie just starting out on their fish-keeping journey. If you want to take on a rewarding endeavor at home, you can even breed Fantails. Even though fantail goldfish are regarded as simple fancy goldfish, they are quite beautiful. You may count on them to improve the decorative quality of your home. It’s breathtaking to see their gorgeous twin anal fin in action! They are ideal for beginners because they are remarkably easy to maintain.

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