The 6 Best Pet Transportation Services of 2022

For an international move with your pet, you’ll want to find the most trustworthy service possible. Fortunately, there exist pet transportation services that can safely move your dog, cat, reptile, or other exotic pet across the country or even internationally. Either by air or on the ground, these services will get your pet ready for the trip and keep an eye on it the whole time to make sure it stays safe and comfortable. When flying with a pet, several firms offer pet nannies or even cross-country transportation through chauffeur service.

Best 6 Pet Transport Companies of 2022

Mover Pets Animals of the Air

Florida State is home to Air Animal. This company was established by veterinarians to provide the safest means possible for relocating pets throughout the United States. Since its inception in 1977, it has experienced continuous expansion. It started out as a small, family-run company but has now expanded to include a global network of 225 airlines and a presence in most major U.S. cities.
This pet shipping company has been approved by the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), so you know they adhere to stringent guidelines for animal welfare. When departing from the United States, their full VIP door-to-door service has a starting price of about $2,700. Price ranges for Book & Fly international packages start closer to $1,500.


Whether you need to ship a couch or a dog, CitizenShipper can help you find independent transport companies in your area. The first step in using this service is to fill out a short online form and send it to CitizenShipper. Following receipt of your form submission, the company will distribute your transport request to local transport providers who are qualified to handle your shipment based on the information you provided. Once that link is established, CitizenShipper recommends keeping an open line of communication with your transporter. The ratings and reviews of potential transporters are available for perusal before accepting a bid. All drivers have their addresses and phone numbers double-checked and are checked for crimes and DUIs.
There is currently no reliable way to estimate the costs associated with using this service. There is no way to ensure that there will be a matching bid, but you can accept or reject bids based on your budget. Prices are not listed on the site but can be estimated.

Happy Tails Travel Inc.

In business since 1997, Happy Tails Travel Inc. is headquartered in Arizona and offers international shipping to most nations. They’ve worked very hard to earn their excellent track record in terms of both client satisfaction and safety.
Depending on your origin and destination, Happy Tails Travel Inc. can provide you with a number of different services. If you’re planning a trip within the country, they have options for both air travel and long-distance ground transit, and they don’t discriminate based on the breed of your pet. They offer discounts and assistance with military moves.
Carrying many animals is one of Happy Tail’s specialties. Unlike many other firms, they offer these services at a reduced rate, making it more affordable to travel with the whole family. They have a consultancy fee, travel expenses, and a rush fee.

Royal Paws

The pet transportation experts at Royal Paws offer private, nationwide ground service anywhere in the United States. That is to say, Fido won’t be able to hit the road with any other furry friends (except other pets from your family). Royal Paws uses spacious, climate-controlled SUVs to transport your four-footed friend across the country. This pet shipping company is run by a family and will transport both dogs and cats.

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Exec Pet

Atlanta, Georgia is home to Exec Pet, however, the company’s reach extends to all of the contiguous United States. They specialize in relocation within the United States and can complete a trip in a matter of hours rather than days. White-glove, high-end travel services provide an emphasis on efficiency, wellness, and comfort in order to provide each client with a personalized routine.
All of their drivers are either currently serving in the military or are veterans. Superior navigational abilities and meticulous attention to detail are among their many talents. They can be relied on and relied upon, making travel with your pet family a breeze.
This business focuses on helping animals that have specific needs, such as those with visual or auditory impairments, movement limitations, or emotional problems like separation anxiety.

Airpets America

Although they specialize in transporting dogs, Airpets America will take in a wide range of other pets as well. Airpets America offers domestic and international services, with climate-controlled cargo holds to keep your dog secure and comfortable. They also provide a variety of service upgrades, such as individualized crate sizes, grooming, and even playtime.

How Much Does Pet Transportation Cost?

The distance your pet must go has a significant impact on the overall cost of transportation. If you plan ahead and make accommodations for your pet, a cross-country trip may end up costing less than an international one. Optional extras may include of specialized boxes, bathing services, and playtime equipment. Prices range from $700.00 to $10,000.00 per pet, including the cost of airfare and hotel accommodations.

Can You Transport Any Pets?

While many pet transport services focus on canines and felines, others will help you move other animals as well, including hamsters, rabbits, and even livestock. Transport services for animals other than cats and dogs do exist, but they are less popular.

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