Can Hamsters Swim? Everything You Need To Know

Can Hamsters Swim?

Can Hamsters Swim?

Hamsters are adorable animals that most people love to own. Hamsters are naturally found in dry areas and that is why it has been questioned that can Hamsters swim? An animal living in a natural dry habitat doesn’t mean that it cannot swim. And in the case of Hamsters, the answer is YES. 

Though they live in a dry area, they don’t use water and cannot find water to swim in. But when it was examined in a lab, it was found that Hamster can swim.

They won’t be able to swim with ease like other animals who can easily swim in water but if they were kept over water, they will be able to swim not too far but easily to a close area. They might struggle at first but slowly they will be able to catch up with the shore. 

Do Hamsters like swimming?

So now it is known that hamsters can swim which doesn’t mean that they like swimming or enjoy being in the water. Being in the water for too long is dangerous for hamsters and swimming is a process that is not for a hamster as they enjoy doing other activities but not being in the water.

Can Hamsters swim or stay underwater?

Hamsters can swim but not for too long. They cannot stay or swim underwater. And if they try they might end up drowning themselves because their physical structure is too small for swimming underwater or staying underwater. It might be life-threatening for them and causes many health problems.

Hamsters are capable of swimming but they hate getting wet because it wet their fur coat which hamsters probably hate. If you try to stay in the water they might become aggressive because it damages their mental and physical health.

Can you bathe your hamsters?

Hamsters like to be cleaned and that is why you should regularly clean them up. But cleaning them with water is avoidable. Instead, you can use animal wipes or sand baths. If you want them to be cleaned up by water then just a little bit of water on their skin will be enough.

Is the bathtub okay for Hamsters?

So bathtubs are the controllable places for water level and quite safer for your hamsters to take a bath. But the bathtub is also a large place for small hamsters which might lead to panic for them. So yes they can swim in your bathtub but again it might be okay at first but create problems when they last for too long or even after a sec.

Why should you not get your Hamster wet?

So there are some reasons why hamsters should not get wet in the water as it can cause anxiety or other health problems. Putting them in hot water might cause problems over the skin leading to stripping off the skin and coating of important oils.

This oil over your hamster’s body prevents them from outer temperature and the lack of it might make it difficult to regulate the body temperature of your hamsters. Your hamster’s skin will become dry, itchy, and irritable. 

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And if you are planning to keep them in cold water then please don’t. Because putting cold water on them lightly leads to hypothermia. They will catch a cold easily which will lead to more health and skin problems. And you will find it very difficult to find a vet for your hamsters.

What can you do if your hamsters get wet accidentally?

If your hamster gets wait accidentally then you should take action immediately because being wet can cause them health problems.

  • So take out them from the water as soon as possible and keep them in a warm room
  • Take a dry towel and wrap them in a clean and dry towel.
  • To dry them up fastly you can use a hairdryer.
  • Keep in mind you have to warm them up as soon as possible.
  • Give your hamster a warm drink to keep their body warm
  • Place your hamster back in the cage along with a dry and clean blanket inside their cage.

Along with such questions people have this general question that can they let their hamsters swim in the sink.

So as a sink is a small place and it might be a safer place for your hamster, the thing is they don’t like water. They can swim in water but hate to get wet. So whether it’s a bowl, sink, or bathtub no water is needed for them to bathe. There are many such best ways you can consider cleaning them up. To avoid the water at any cost.

Best way to bathe your Hamster

As you know water might be a risk factor for your hamster then what are the ways you can bathe your hamster and keep them clean? The best option is to place your hamster in a sand bath. You can place them in a cage. Take a ceramic bowl and fill it with a sand bath. It is advisable to choose the sand which is specifically made for hamsters. 

Change your hamster sand every other day or whenever you think to change. It’s best to change when it smells strong. You can also choose a waterless shampoo and then wipe the dirt off the hamsters. Careful with the eyes and mouth areas so that shampoo doesn’t get into their eyes and mouth because it can be irritable for them.


As there are different kinds of hamsters among which some may like to be in water or swim and some don’t. Keeping your pet hamster in water for some time is okay but keep in mind you should not let them swim in water for more time because it might be problematic and cause health problems for them.

Take care of your hamsters because they are cute little pets. As hamsters get dirty and it’s very necessary to clean them up you have many other options to use for cleaning rather than water process so avoid the water or swimming activities for your hamster.

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