Do Hamsters Make Good Pets? All You Need To Know

Do Hamsters Make Good Pets?

Do Hamsters Make Good Pets?

Hamsters are pocket-sized pets that pet lovers would love to keep in their homes. Especially the children who love to play with these small cute pets and enjoy having hamsters as a pet. 

Hamsters are quite sociable and loving animals. They love to play and it’s fun to watch their activities. But some people have this question about whether keeping hamsters as pets is good or not. So the answers are very simple. 

Hamsters do make great pets and yes you can have them in your house but there are some exceptions too with this statement. 

  • Hamsters are not like other animals and they cannot be kept with other hamsters as they always fight. 
  • Hamsters need safe and best bedding materials. You need to keep in mind that bedding and nesting materials for your hamsters should be of good quality.
  • Hamsters need a specialized veterinarian which is difficult to find.

Why do Hamsters Make Good Pets?

Despite all these problems, there are several reasons why hamsters make great pets.

Hamsters are inexpensive and you can own them easily

Like other pet animals which are expensive to own, there are hamsters that are inexpensive pets and it needs low maintenance for these pocket-sized pets. All the supplies which are needed for hamsters are less costly than owning some other pets like cats or dogs.

From it’s a cage to food supplies, beddings to nesting materials and vet bills, all of these will cost you some charge but not much. So yes, your money problem is not going to happen while owning Hamsters as a pet.

So if you are a night owl then Hamsters are truly great pets to be own

Hamsters are like night owls which means they are most active at night. This might be a problem with those people who are morning people but for the ones who keep late hours, Hamsters can be a good option and you can enjoy yourself with your little cute pet as a companion.

Hamsters don’t require much training like other animals

Hamsters don’t need any training like that of c or dogs. Like a dog needs the training of obedience and how to follow things, hamsters are free from such things. They are cute little animals who love to socialize with their masters to know them and you need to know how to handle them. That’s it you are ready for small hamsters as pets.

Hamsters are easy to clean

Hamsters are very clean animals and they love to clean and groom themselves every day. They are serious about their hygiene. Like other animals where you have to clean them which might be a mess for some people, the Hamsters don’t take much work from you for getting clean.

They choose a corner as their bathroom without messing up the other areas. They also pee at that corner of the cage. For this, you need to change the beddings from time to time.

Hamsters don’t need regular attention

Other pets like dogs or cats need constant attention, training, taking for walks, etc. But Hamsters don’t need such things. They love to spend their time with the owners and with the toys they have.

They don’t require to be seen every time as they are the lone animals and enjoy alone time. But you need to socialize with your pet Hamsters at an early age as ignoring them will make them shy and you might face little problems handling them.

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Hamsters don’t need large space 

Hamsters require minimal space and they can live in a small cage. They don’t roam all around the room or live in a very large space. You can make their room a cage and keep it on a desk or somewhere safe. So if you live in a small apartment then Hamsters are a great pet to own.

You should also take your hamsters out for spending some playtime with them as they are the pets who love to explore and it’s fun to watch them roll around the hamster balls. This can also be best for burning off some energy.

Hamsters are cute and fun on their own

To have Hamsters as a pet is fun and entertaining. Watching them running around the hamster ball or wheel is great fun and they look cute with their unique personality. They love to play on their own and it’s cute to watch them do their activities.

Hamsters foods are not that difficult to find

Hamsters like to consume seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. These foods are cheap and easy to find at stores. It is cute to watch them eat the food. They settle their food in a corner and enjoy eating it. Hamsters keep their pile of food away from droppings.

They are clean pets to have. Always change hamster food and do that daily. You should feed your hamster fresh food to get balanced nutrition. Also for their drinking supplies, you need to keep a bowl and clean water for them in their cage.

Hamsters don’t shed furs

So there are people who might have allergies to the furs of an animal. Hamsters are a great animal to own because they don’t shed furs.


Hamsters are cute pets to own. They love to explore and that is why you need to keep in mind that closing the cage is a good option otherwise you will need to work hard in finding them. If you train them properly they are friendly pets to w you can enjoy a lot.

They also love to be cuddled. If you own a pet you will get a companion too. So if you are looking to own a hamster and thinking about whether they are the right choice or not then you don’t need to think much.

All things have been mentioned above for you to consider whether the hamsters are the right choice of pet for you or not. If talking in general then Yes, they are great to be own.

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