How much does a hamster cost?

Hamsters are cute fluffy creatures that are perfect to keep as a pet and are loved by almost every smaller kid. Kids want to have answers in their homes as they love watching their fun playful activity. So now you might be thinking of keeping hamsters as a pet and wondering how much these tiny little pets can cost?

Well, these things depend on the places from where you are buying your hamsters. Whether it’s from pet shops or it’s from pet owners or private breeders. Their prices can vary from place to place. And it also depends on which type you are buying. So, here are all the details about your pet hamsters and how much you can cost?

Some of the hamsters you can get for free like many people want to give their old ones after getting new ones so they just need someone to take good care of their old masters so these people mainly give their hamsters. 

How much do hamsters cost?

To have a hamster as your pet you need to spend money on their bedding, food supplies, and maintenance but the best thing is that it’s a one-time cost.

To Adopt a hamster

So hamsters can very much cost you around between $5-$50, which commonly depends on the types of hamsters you are adopting or their age also matters the most. The package of buying hamsters also includes their extra things like food, a cage, etc.

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The breeders

The breeders will cost you around $5-$20 and they won’t have a cage included in their package. Their prices may also depend on marking, mutation, and breed. There are different types of hamsters and they all cost you a different price. A teddy bear hamster will cost you around $5-$20. A Syrian Hamster will cost you around—$5-$10. If you plan to buy a Dwarf Hamster, then it will cost you the same as that of a teddy bear hamster—$5-$20. A Chinese Hamster’s price is—$5-$20.

Their supply charges

Keeping a hamster will also require having all their supplies including cages. You need to buy a cage depending on the number of hamsters you have. If you have only one hamster then you will buy a small cage which will cost you a very low price. Then all their toys and accessories need to be kept and changed when needed. The bedding has to be of soft material and of good quality which will cost you around $10. Their wheels, toys, and accessories will cost you between $5-$20. Then their exercise ball will cost you $6-14. Then their water bottles and food supplies will cost you approx between $2-$20. So, the prices of the supply for the hamsters will cost you between $5-$140.

Annual expenses to keep hamsters

Taking care of your pet hamsters will cost you less than those of cats or dogs but are not inexpensive. They need good care and maintenance. Their vet charge, food expense, and other maintenance activities will cost you $400-$600 per year. 

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