Where to buy a hamster?


Many people love to keep a hamster as a pet and they find the best search for buying a hamster. Before buying a hamster it is very important to learn about the stores whether you are buying online or offline. And hamsters are the pets that are sold in all pet stores. Local animal shelters can also provide a hamster.

Well, there are many stores and shelters where you can consider buying these cute little hamsters. There are online stores like Petkeen or Petco which have a variety of species including hamsters and they will provide you with products and other services too. But one of the most reputable sources to buy a new hamster is a local breeder. These are quickly found as they are a part of regional or local groups.

The most common places where people get hamsters are – 

  • Pet shops
  • Animal shelters
  • Hamster breeders
  • Online Ads
  • Friends

There are pros and cons to each of these options. Keep reading to learn more about your options and see which is the best way for you to buy or adopt your next hamster.

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What is the best place to find a hamster?

There are many local and regional pet stores where these adorable pets are sold. Along with this, you can also buy a hamster directly from a local breeder or hamster show. This is the most credible way of buying hamsters and is a good resource for buying hamsters if you are looking for buying a specific color or specific type of hamster. This is rare in your local pet stores. 

How do you find a good hamster breeder? This is something that is said to have detailed records of their breeding stock. It is necessary to identify the good hamster and this is what you will need to keep a record.

  • Birth date of a hamster
  • Gender
  • Colour
  • Show wins
  • Mating and breeding log
  • Medical records

Medical records should be kept so that buyers should become aware of the hamster before keeping them as a pet. Purchasing from a local small-scale breeder is the best way to ensure that the hamsters have been raised in humane conditions. Hamster experts recommend that good hamster breeders keep detailed records of their hamsters. Each hamster should be clearly identified, and their individual records should their date of birth, coat color, sex, medical records, and a breeding log. The breeding log should contain every single one of their matings and the number of their offspring.

Pet store

Pet stores are the common places that sell hamsters, and it’s where most people who want hamsters go. They seem to be the most reputable. However, pet stores do receive their supply of hamsters from breeding mills, and not every breeding mill has high welfare standards for their hamsters.

Small, independent pet stores are more likely to buy their hamsters from local breeders they know and trust, Some independent pet stores also breed hamsters themselves, and are known to be more trustworthy than large-scale pet stores. Since they have fewer hamsters, they can dedicate more time and care to each one.

Animal shelter

Animal shelters are another great place to find a new furry hamster friend! Known to a few, hamsters are actually available at many animal shelters. Adopting fees are very reasonable; they can be as little as $5, which is definitely a pro. You can ask the staff about the personality and temperaments of their hamsters before you decide on one, so you can see which is the best for you.

However, hamsters don’t have a very long lifespan. The average lifespan depends on the breed, but it’s usually between 2-4 years. Hamsters in shelters, unless they are fresh babies, tend to be pretty aged. When you take on a hamster from an animal shelter, you’re taking them with the knowledge that they won’t be living too long.

An Online Ad

There are ads online to purchase a new furry hamster friend. However, you should be cautious with this option. Please do not respond to an ad online that suggests the breeder will mail the pet hamster to you, as no responsible breeder would ever mail a live hamster. Mailing a hamster would severely stress out the poor thing, and most likely the hamster would die.

Going online to purchase a hamster isn’t the best idea, even if there is the option for you to go pick up the hamster yourself. From purchasing online, you have no idea what the hamster’s personality or temperament is like. Not only that, but you have not seen the hamster in person; you don’t know whether the hamster is healthy or not. For all you know, you could be purchasing an ill, dying hamster.

It’s best to go in person to survey the hamster you want, to ensure that it’s both healthy and well taken care of.

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