27 Fascinating Fun Pet Bird Facts You Never Knew

Pet Bird fact

Fascinating Fun Pet Bird Facts

Birds are one of those pets which come with various species of variations; variations can be regarding size, color, beak, etc. they share immense amount of love and affection and also can be the longest companions for people.

These creatures are knowledgeable, social, and sometimes talk which makes them perfect pets. They live in cages that can easily fit in any room or outdoor.

1. Self-hygiene 

Birds are normally good at maintaining their own hygiene level as tend to shed their own feathers and let the ants come in between their wings, and feed the parasites on them.

2. Popular pet bird

The parrot is one of the most popular pet birds in the world as it can be trained into doing a lot of things which is literally like talking. A parrot can sing, repeat a dialogue 

3. Descended of dinosaur 

As we know that evolution is the biggest part of our existence which is true for the birds. Birds came into existence from the evolution of pterodactyl (flying dinosaurs). With the time the size shape and the behavior have only evolved

4. Wide range of selection

There are more than 50 types or species of birds from which one can select which type of pet bird to select based on their characteristics. The most popular type of birds are parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, Amazon parrots, finches, pious parrots, and many more.

5. Life expectancy

The life expectancy rate of birth can be greater than that of a human. On average they live from 10 to 25 years.

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6. Scheduled living 

Most of the birds like to live on a particular schedule i.e., to eat and drink in a particular routine manner.

7. Communication

Birds express their feeling to their owner in their own signals like clicking their beak or making different types of noises showcasing different emotions.

8. Emotion 

Birds can easily pick on human emotions like happiness, anger, or sadness and depict the same to others which often act as emotional support towards people.

9. Low maintenance

Birds usually don’t need care as other pets need. They can have a quick bath and some occasionally trimming are the only things required for grooming them.

10. Sensitive to odor

Bird owners tend to be careful with what kind of odor is there in their surrounding’s as these birds are very sensitive when come to sense. Also, they can get ill from some particular smell.

11. Dance

We have all heard of the peacock dancing but that’s not the only bird that dances many other species of birds like music and grove on the same. Cockatoos are one of the most famous dancing birds.

12. Intelligence

Birds come under one of the intelligent pet categories. They can get on what are one feeling, behavior, and memory, and also only pets can speak a few words.

13. Sound for bird

In a study done it is proven that many pet birds owner leave some kind of sound or song on for their birds. Not only that they use different sounds to communicate among themselves too.

14. Imitating and mimicry

One of the features that make birds different from other pets is that they can easily imitate and mimic a particular line or a dialogue which makes them social creatures too.

15. Memory

According to the study showed birds can remember approximately 800 to 1000 words and will use them from time to time.

16. Food

Birds can be fed household items like vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds which are easily available in our home. Whereas chocolate is harmful to them.

17. Eye

A bird’s face is mostly covered by its eyes and it can see UV lights also. The color they see is much more defined and processed. Some birds have their eye placed on their side so that they can have 360-degree vision.

18. Tricks

Birds can easily be trained to do various kinds of tricks and talk. Some people teach these birds to show off and to earn an income from them.

19. Age

The age of a bird depends upon the species of bird to which they belong some of them even live up to 80 years.

20. No teeth

Birds do not have any teeth they swallow their whole food and then that food is processed by an organ known as a gizzard.

21. Bones

An important characteristic of birds is that they can fly therefore being lightweight is a necessity for that the bone of birds is usually hollow.

22. Parakeet 

Parakeet is the most popular pet bird in the world they are very affectionate and intelligent. Second, in line comes cockatiel.

23. Weight

The weight of a bird’s wing is bigger than that of its skeleton as the bones are vacant from within.

24. Pet insurance

Now a day’s becoming more common for people to have insurance for their pets. There are companies that do pet insurance not only for birds but also for cats and dogs.

25. Heartbeat

A flying bird’s heart beats at around 1000 per minute and that of a resting bird’s heart beats for around 400 times per minute all depending upon the type of bird species.

26. Weather

Birds may have a sixth sense when it comes to weather as they easily know when the weather is changing. Like sometimes they migrate depending on the weather and sometimes they dance.

27. Bladder

Most birds have a very small bladder; also there are some birds that do not have a bladder at all.

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