Can birds eat Hamster food?


There are various foods that hamsters love to eat and all of them are available on the market. It usually consists of fruits and vegetables, nuts, berries, seeds, grains, and peanuts and all of them are rich in protein and other nutrients to keep up their energy. Many people keep hamsters as well as birds in their homes and they all have this specific question: can birds eat hamsters’ food? The answer is simple YES, they can, but it should be of a specific diet or type. We will discuss this further in this article.


The birds can consume a certain type of hamster food but the thing is that they shouldn’t. As hamster food is high in fiber and low in fat it normally doesn’t fit well with a bird’s diet and nutrition and that is why they usually don’t eat such foods. Feeding birds with hamster food is okay but only for times, feeding them with such for a longer period might affect their health. There are several foods that a hamster eat east are mentioned below:

Seed mix

Seed Mix is a hamster food that it likes to consume and it is something that birds like parrots can easily consume but it is not good for them. Seed mixes lack various types of vitamins and minerals which are needed in birds. There won’t be much problem if a bird eats the seed mix of a hamster but the only thing is that it doesn’t contain the whole nutrients which a bird needs to maintain their energy. 

You should also consider the quality. Some hamster seed mix has low quality and lacks a variety of seeds and in some, there are artificial colors added instead of their natural color which is not at all good for your birds and even for the hamsters. So if you are thinking of feeding this to your bird, choose a good quality hamster seed mix with all healthy ingredients. Moreover, this food can be given as a good treat but should not be used as a substitute for your bird’s balanced diet nutrition.

Sunflower seed

Sunflower seed is a good option to give to your hamster as a treat as it is high in fats and oils, so here the question is, is sunflower seed a good treat for birds? Then, the answer is that yes they are but only as a good treat and should not be given too much as lots of sunflower seeds can make them sick and are not food for their health. This is not something that can add up in a bird’s diet.

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Fruits and Vegetable mixes

Birds can eat most the fruits and vegetables and they need to consider these things as some of the dried fruits are there in the diet and nutrition of the birds. But some dried fruits have sulfites and sulfates and they are total for the birds. So it’s advisable to check on the food mix and then feed them to your birds.


Many people who are given both birds and hamsters as pets often have this question: whether they can feed birds the hamster food or can the hamsters be given birds food? So, everything has been mentioned above including the question related to their diet and nutrients. 

This concludes that birds can give hamsters food but not all the food, they can consume a certain type of food and those too sometimes and not sometimes into their regular food diet. This also depends on varieties of birds. Some may like to have their food and some might not eat it. They can eat hamster food but they should not as it might be harmful to their health.


Is Hamster food and bird food the same?

No, it’s not. Hamster’s food cannot replace the bird’s regular diet and nutrients and it is sane with hamsters too. As hamsters ‘food does not contain all the nutrients that birds need to maintain their health. Hamsters consume those foods which have high fiber and low fats and fiber has totally the opposite nu They consume foods that contain more fats that are generally found in seeds. They both have different varieties of diet and nutrients, therefore they both have different foods.

What are some foods that birds eat?

Birds eat a variety of foods and their owners generally feed them with fruit mixes and vegetables. All those foods which a bird consume have been mentioned below:

  • Pumpkin
  • Corn
  • Peanuts
  • Safflower
  • Sorghum
  • Rapeseed
  • Sunflower
  • Thistle
  • Millet

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