Can you have owls as pets?

It is impossible to domesticate owls because of their nocturnal habits and the general air of mystery they exude. While it is possible to provide shelter for multiple wild animals in the same building, the same cannot be said for humans. The violent temperament they possess makes it impossible for them to coexist with humans. While owls can’t join in on the fun, humans can play and cuddle with their pets all they want. It’s not unheard of for people to keep owls, but it is unusual. Keeping an owl as a pet is frowned upon or outright forbidden in many nations. Still, if you’re considering making an owl your pet, consider these potential drawbacks before you make the commitment.

Why can’t you keep the owl as a pet?

Having an owl as a pet is not a good idea for a number of reasons. Not content with simply perching on your shoulder, their talons are sharp enough to pierce. Some of the many reasons why owls don’t make good pets are as follows.

Carnivorous owls

Carnivorous owls derive the majority of their nutrition from animal products. It’s possible that you won’t enjoy feeding them these items. They rip the meat into small pieces before swallowing it, creating a huge mess that you’ll have to clean up after every meal. Plus, doing this each day is no easy feat. Because it’s not pleasant to deal with blood and meat on a regular basis, and the foul odor might make you feel sick to your stomach. Not only will they be a constant nuisance since they won’t eat the seeds and fruit you provide them, but they’ll also be a serious food source for mice and other rodents.

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Owls take a lot of space

Owls, as one of the largest birds, require a substantial amount of space, unlike smaller birds that may be housed in a tiny enclosure. Owls are welcome in the wild, but they can’t fly around the house since they would do a lot of harm if they landed on your couch. The keen talons of these animals require a larger, more secure habitat. Keeping an owl as a pet is challenging for most people, but it could work for those with experience. If you have an owl as a pet, you can’t also have any of the creatures that owls eat, as the owl would likely attack and kill them. You won’t be able to have any cuddly little pets like hamsters or gerbils if you have an owl as a pet.

Owls like to sleep through the night

Most of the nighttime sounds can be attributed to owls, who are nocturnal and so active only then. They are noisier at night because that is when they are out socializing and mating. Both you and your neighbor will be kept awake by this. After getting owls as pets, you will never be able to get a good night’s rest again. Some species, due to their habit of hooting and making a lot of noise at night, are impractical to keep as pets since they would disturb the neighbors. It may only be useful for people who are isolated from other people and stay up late.

Challenging to locate a veterinarian who treats owls

Although owls are notoriously hard to hurt, finding a veterinarian who would treat them when they do become ill or injured is a major challenge. And owls are quite hostile towards unfamiliar individuals; only experienced people should handle such pets; yet, locating such doctors is not easy because most vets are not trained to deal with such unusual animals.

You Can’t Leave Town Without Them

There is no such thing as an owl-friendly resort, and for the same reasons stated above (their special diet and propensity for destruction) and the additional worry of imprinting, you can’t exactly leave an owl at home while you go on vacation. Attachment bonds are established by a process called imprinting, which occurs very early in an animal’s development. Like many birds, owls form strong attachments to their first human caregivers; once an owlet has learned to associate you with food and protection, it is unlikely to accept care from anybody else. You can’t leave town with them and you can’t live with them, so you might as well just get used to having them around.

It is Not Permitted by Law

If you’re wondering, “Can I have a barn owl as a pet?” the answer is likely to depend heavily on local regulations. Many countries, including the United States, have restrictions in place that make it illegal to own or raise certain types of exotic or wild animals; owls are included in this group. If you want to keep an owl as a pet in the United States, you’ll need a permit for a native owl, and those are only given out for very particular reasons (such as falconry, rehabilitation, or education) and require specialized training and paperwork. Being in violation of the law can result in significant fines and perhaps jail time.


Aggressive owls pose a threat because they may cause a lot of damage, including harm to humans. Thus, it follows that owls are not suitable as household pets for this reason. The responsibility of taking care of them is illegal and impossible. Those are the kind of people who thrive in the wilderness and who are naturally aggressive. They make a lot of noise—too much, at times—and may be a pain to clean up after at home. Cleaning up after them is a never-ending cycle of blood and meat tears. It’s probably a good idea to rethink keeping an owl as a pet today. Immediately that you know the ins and outs, you may decide whether or not to retain the owls as pets; if you don’t believe you can handle the responsibilities involved or if you can’t figure out how to legally own one, it’s best to reconsider your decision now.

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