Where Do Starlings Nest?

The common starling, or “plain-old starling” as we say in the United Kingdom, is a stunning avian species. Although the European Starling may win a beauty contest, the African Starling’s iridescent feathers make it the clear winner. Of course, cuteness persists despite this. You’ll be impressed by their nesting practices if you think their plumage

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What Do Pigeons Eat?

Pigeons, which belong to the family Columbidae, are among the most flexible of all birds. Even though pigeons aren’t picky eaters, they can’t eat a lot of insects. Pigeons are typically rather plump since they are fed a diet rich in the seeds, fruits, and berries they enjoy. In urban areas, where natural food sources

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Baby Sparrows

While only about 28 species make up the genus Passer, the genuine sparrows, there are numerous additional birds in the Passerellidae family that also have the word “sparrow” in their common names. Among backyard birds, sparrows rank high, with the House sparrow being a familiar sight in many parts of the world. Since young sparrows

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