Does hamster bite?


Hamsters are so cute little pets that everyone loves to have. Hamsters are not expensive to buy and they are very easy to care for. This is why they are referred to as the perfect pet to have. You need to be careful while taking care of the hamsters as they are too small but along with them you should also take care of your fingers as they might bite. This is an important question that most people ask while buying hamsters: do they bite or is it hurt badly after getting bitten by hamsters? We will discuss this further in this article.


Hamsters can bite a person and it is advisable to be careful while holding hamsters or feeding them as their bite might hurt very badly and it might be painful too. But it is very rare for hamsters to be aggressive. If in case, a person is bitten by the hamster, they must clean it with soap and water to avoid infection and then put some ointment and cream. 

The level of pain after getting bitten by a hamster depends on the type. Those smaller ones such as dwarf hamsters are territorial species and thus tend to bite more. And larger species tend to bite less but their bite is more painful than the smaller ones. If you have a Syrian hamster then you should be careful with their bite.

What type of Hamsters is more likely to bite?

Some types of hamsters tend to bite such as dwarf Russian hamsters. They are the ones who bite more than any other species of hamsters. But it is seen that male hamsters tend to be less and females ones bite more aggressively which can be painful. They might bite if they feel irritated or if they are taken to the heat.

Why do Hamsters bite?

Hamsters don’t bite usually but if they feel unsafe and irritated then they might get aggressive and might bite a person. Well, there are several reasons why hamsters bite?

Hamsters might be scared or irritated

Hamsters are adorable pets that love to cuddle and play with their owners but if they meet someone new they feel like a danger to them and if they feel scared, masters become irritated which causes them to be aggressive towards a person. and this can make them bite the person. You can understand that the hamster is scared by looking at their behavior and if you feel that they are scared by looking at their face, you must be careful at that time. You will get to know whether you make him scared or not by looking at their frightened face. 

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They also get irritated sometimes when you poke at them or wake them up from their sleep or annoy them, they start feeling scared. They love to spend time alone and if you scare them by suddenly touching them will make them frightened and at that moment they can even bite to prevent themselves.

If Hamster smells a strange or unfamiliar scent

This usually happens when you meet some unfamiliar people to your hamsters. Hamsters can smell a scent and by that, they can identify that some unknown or strange person is approaching them and this might make them aggressive. And they can even bite them as an act of their defense.

Hamsters must be hungry

If a hamster is hungry for a longer time and you haven’t fed them since they bite you as a signal to show that they are hungry. This is not aggressiveness or they are scared, it is just that they need food and they are doing this to signal to you that they are hungry.

Hamsters don’t like the attention

Some hamsters love to be cuddled or when they are held but some hamsters don’t like to be held, no matter how much you have taught them to be friendly. They just don’t like too much attention and if you try to do so they might bite you. So, it is better to give them some time and let them be friendly with you more, and then when they come up to you to let you hold them then you might cuddle them. This thing too depends on the hamster’s personality, thus, every hamster has their kind of personality. 


There are many questions related to the hamsters whether they should buy it or not and if yes then which is the best hamster to keep or do they bite? All the answers have been concluded in a statement that, yes, you can buy a hamster and that too understanding their personality and features with a less irritable nature. And in the case that they bite, then yes they do but it’s very rare for them to bite. There are some circumstances for why they do so, if you carefully look after them and treat them nicely, they won’t bite. 


Why do hamsters bite other hamsters?

All Hamsters are different from each other and their behavior towards each other is different. They might bite each other if more than a hamster is kept at the same age. Hamsters are territorial and they don’t like some other species, even the other hamsters, to enter into their spaces. And this led to fighting and biting each other. So, it is better to keep them away from each other.

How to train a hamster not to bite?

Hamsters might bite when they feel irritated or scared so it is better to start with Introducing yourself to the hamster and try to become friendly with them so they too act the same as you. Be gentle with them and try to touch them after giving a signal so they won’t get frightened by your sudden approach. And if they become friends you can then put your hands into the cage to let them come to your hand instead of biting. Then you can also give your hamster a treat that makes them build trust for you.

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