Baby Flamingos


Flamingoes are exciting birds who look beautiful and their babies look more adorable. They have bright-colored bodies which makes them one of the most amazing creatures in the world. Flamingoes are bright pink but their babies are not; they have a different color when they hatch. Here we will discuss more baby flamingos and their different facts.

What are baby flamingos called?  

A baby flamingo is called a Flaminglets. These flamingos are birds; they are also known as chicks. 

Baby Flamingos

Baby flamingos are adorable in appearance, they are soft fluffy white baby birds with pink colored tones, beaks, and legs and have black little eyes. They have fluffy greyish-white down feathers which keep them warm. Their feathers cover their whole white body except the legs and beaks. Flamingoes’ way of waterproofing is called preening and it is done by transferring oil from the gland near the tail’s base to the rest of their feathers over the body.

Adult flamingoes are large and pink colored but their babies ( baby flamingos) are born white and later transform color into pink when they grow up as young ones or adults. Baby flamingos have a fluffy greyish-white colored greyish-white hole body. The color might change a little depending on the different baby flamingos, as some baby flamingos can have lighter and whiter appearances while other babies might have darker grey appearances.

How do Baby Flamingos get their color?

Baby flamingoes get their color from their mother’s milk. After birth, baby flamingos are all white and not pink like their parents. But as they started consuming their mother’s milk, the color of their feathers slowly started changing till they achieved their hallmark rosy shade. After they start consuming a diet that their parents give them that is high in alpha and beta carotene color which is the reason for changing colors into the pink shade, baby Flaminthe go starts changing into pink color. The milk which the female flamingos feed their babies has a bright red color and the proteins inside it are extracted from her body. This led to the draining of some color from the mother’s features as long as she is nursing and feeding the baby flamingos. This is why these female flamingoes are duller than other flamingoes in a flock.

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How much do Baby Flamingos weigh?

When the baby flamingos hatch, they weigh only 2-3 ounces and they are tiny. Their size is exactly the size of a tennis ball which is (3×2) inches. Baby flamingos are small but only when compared to their parents but they are bigger than most bird species. When the babies stand and stretch their necks completely, they might reach a height of 14 inches which also depends on different species. The flamingos increase their weight over the first couple of months until they weigh 4-8lbs.

What sound does a baby flamingo make?

A baby flamingo made a squeaking sound. Each Flaminglets has a distinct sound of squeaking and that is how their parents can identify their babies.

How do baby flamingos get fed by their parents?

Female and Male flamingos do the regurgitation process with a type of liquid that is said to crop milk into the newborn’s mouth. As these chicks are now too small to swallow some solid food, adult flamingos do this for four to six weeks or till the baby flamingos’ bill gets completely developed to filter solid food.

What do Baby flamingos consume?

Baby flamingos after hatching consume a crop of milk given by their parents and both the parents produce this liquid in the lining of their digestive tract. The milk which this flaming consumes is high in fat and protein and has a color of bright red. The babies are firstly fed by their parents and then they start feeding themselves from four to six weeks old.

Some interesting facts about Flamingos

  • Baby Flamingos are social animals

Flamingos are one of the social animals who remain in groups and travel along with them but may vary in size and have a total of two to thousand birds in a group. This is why flamingos get support and help in a flock for raising their babies. And this is how baby flamingos also remain in a group and flock, with other members caring for and guiding these babies. Babies when they grow a little older are taught to hunt by the other flamingos in a flock.

  • Baby flamingos learn to stand on one leg from their parents

Baby flamingos don’t have this feature in them but they adapt this by watching their parents. They learned this behavior of standing on one leg and this looks very cute watching them do this practice.

  • Baby flamingos are usually Singletons

This has been found in research also that the majority of flamingos are born singleton. 


These baby flamingos look adorable to watch as they have white-colored coverings which makes them different from their parents. These Flaminglets turn into pink color the same as their parents from the nutrients they consume and the milk of their mother. These flamingos and their babies are fascinating to watch and have unique features that make them distinct from the other bird species.

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