How to tame a hamster?


Hamsters are your cute furry friend that will surely lighten up the room. They are rodents that belong to the subfamily Cricetidae. They are one of the most popular pets that people prefer to keep. There are two types of hamsters namely: Syrian and Golden hamsters. These are very lovely and children love them. They are very friendly in nature and can be easily maintained. There are two types of hamsters. Siberian hamsters are more polite and calm in nature whereas Syrian hamsters can be solitary in nature and if you put two of these types together they can probably beat each other to death.

Most commonly hamsters can be really delicate and soft. While applying any means of force can literally kill the animal as they have small and tender hearts. Scaring the hamster can only lead the hamster to bite the person near it. So it is always recommended to be calm and content with the hamster. As they are very friendly and bubbly in their behavior, you would surely want the hamster to play with you. But before playing with them, you have to make sure that they are comfortable with you and that they are held gradually. A new house can be a bit scary for the hamster to settle in for which they need time and comfort to get acquainted with the environment of your house which includes the light, smell, or sight of your house. Along with that, it is also important that your hamster get used to you being friendly and free around them. 

How to tame your hamster?

It is important that your hamster is comfortable with you and the home in which it has to live. It is important that your hamster is comfortable and not scared of you when you try to hold them or put them in the cage. Handling and ownership is an important part when you keep a pet, the pet should be well aware that you’re their owner and they have to obey you no matter what. Creating a bond with your pet is really important not only while playing with them but also when you have to clean them and pick them up into their cages and even when you have to take them for their regular check-up to the vet.

Taming the hamster

For creating his relationship, you have to first introduce yourself to the hamster, there are various steps on how you can do it:

Washing your hands before touching the hamster

First and foremost is washing your hands before you go and touch your hamster, especially for the very first time. Washing your hands will clean up and remove the smell of any food they are lingering in your hands. This will prevent the hamster from biting you. You can also wear gloves while you handle your hamster for the first time. This will protect your hand from the hamster if they try to bite it. 

Bonding over presence and voice

Introduce your hamster with your voice or your presence so that they can get acquainted with you. It is ok if the hamster gets scared of you at the beginning, it would be the normal reaction. But make sure that the hamster doesn’t get too scared. Talk to your pet with a calm and soothing voice that they are comfortable hearing. You want your pet to recognize your voice and be okay in your presence. You can do this by coming to the cage in the first few days and talking to your friend in a very calming and soothing voice. You can also open the lid of the cge a little but so that you can talk easily with the pet and that they get comfortable with you being around them.

Pick up your pet

After spending some time with your hamster in making them comfortable with your voice or your presence, it is now the part where you can pick up the hamster in your hand. Make sure that you have a firm grip while you hold them in order for them to not fall from your hands as it will hurt them. After some practice, they themselves will start getting up on your hand.

Make sure that you never grab them aggressively as they can bite back. Pet their head calmly and gently then pick up your baby with care and comfort. If in the beginning, they want to get out of your hand, leave them and do not hold them unnecessarily as this will be a threat to the hamster and they can run off and bite you at that moment.

Treat your fur baby

Once your pet is comfortable with you being around, treat them for being good and for listening to you. Appreciation will always motivate them to be good and listen to you. Treating them will be like a reward for their hard work and trust which will encourage them to be better with you. Keep the treat I’m your palm so that they can learn to climb to your palm so that you can hold them. You can also rub the treat in between your hands so that the hamster will get comfortable with your smell in the treat that you offer them this will for sure help in bonding with your pet. 

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It is important that your hamster is comfortable with you and not scared of you. With each passing day, things will get easier and they will be more around you than before. Hamsters are tiny animals so you have to make sure that you handle them with care. Do not press them firmly as it can hurt your pet as they are really delicate. Taming your hamster is easy with the fact given that hamsters are very bubbly and fun to be around. For some hamsters, the taming process can get really easy and simple while for some it can be a little too tough depending upon the type. Give time to your furry friend and they can become your best friend. 

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