How long can a Hamster go without food?

Hamsters are pet animals that look like small rats and they are considered one of the most innocent, sensitive, and cutest animals among others. They only wanted to have attention, love, and cuddles. Hamsters had a quality that they used to store their foods in the slides of their mouth. Does a question arise about how long they can sustain in this situation or manner? Hamsters are desert animals and they also had some food hidden in their cages. Hamsters can live without food & water for about 3-4 days (maximum) after when they had their last meal. So, if you want to go on any type of trip without your Hamsters, you have to definitely ask someone to take care of your hamsters for you.

How often should hamsters need water and food?

As we know, hamsters are animals who already have some food stashed away for such a time. But still, you need to feed them regularly.


Hamsters survive and want pellet food only, so, when you feed them pellet food they are only left with the one food which he thinks has all the nutrients as per their requirements. You should only have to give them enough perishable food which they can eat in 4 hours. If you notice that they are not finished with that food in time you should remove it so that it can be prevented from going rancid.

Diet plan of your Hamster

  •   Fill the full 3/4 bowls- Pellet food
  •   Dark green leaves- every other day
  •   Once a week, only 5% of the bowl fruits (like apples, bananas, or melons)
  •   Dry biscuits

If you don’t want to see a hangry hamster and if you are aware that you had greedy hamsters you should leave some extra food for them as a necessary precaution and if it’s not them there is nothing to worry about because they can have their saved foods if needed.

In the case of health, all hamsters are different, but if you feed them within this routine it will give them good balanced nutrition.

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Hamsters need hygiene. So, they should be provided fresh water and it’s an easy way to give your hamsters water in their water bottle. Water bottles can be attached to their cage easily with a metal tube inserted into the cage. The tube has a little ball that only moves when the Hamsters lick it. Keep the water clean always so, it should be changed regularly when it is getting low; enough water should be kept for them no matter what’s the size.

Can a hamster be left all alone?

Hamsters can live all alone for a week, as many of the Hamsters’ parents had done this earlier and had found their hamsters all okay and good when they returned to them. This is to be done by you only when you are left with no other option, because Hamsters are sensitive, when they live with you happily; suddenly if they do not find them they will miss your company and can panic too.

When they are not around they might try to escape from their daily routine; so, while leaving them alone you should be aware of how much trouble a hamster can get into? While leaving them alone they should be kept with necessary precautions like making sure you should provide the with necessary food and water for sustenance & leave someone to take care of them.

If you are aware that your hamster is adventure-loving so while leaving them alone you should keep their cage in the bathtub this would be the safest place. If they try to escape from there they won’t have any option to go & no wires left for them which they can chew (this is something funny about them). Keep in mind there should be no tools kept near the bathtub so that they can hurt, one more thing if you have more than one hamster keep them in separate cages so that they would be fine on your return.

How much food and water should be kept while leaving your hamster for long?

Firstly, they likely had some hidden food in their cages for their sustenance but still, you should attach at least 2 water bottles to their cages, and fill up their bowls with food that contains lots of proteins. Provide them with some dry foods (i.e. grains), wet foods (like watermelon), and some veggies (cucumber). Wet foods can provide them with extra water for sustain. Leave some biscuit-type food so that they can take them and chew them easily.

Do hamsters miss their owners?

As they are in the habit of living around you so if you leave them they will definitely feel lonely and miss you because they had different bonds with their owners. They are full of emotions like human beings and are solitary animals by nature.

In short, if you used to give them love and affection daily they are somewhat addicted to it and if it stops suddenly they will miss you. On the other hand, if your hamster is in the habit of being left alone for days, then your absence would not affect them.

Distress sign of Hamster

When you return home after a long time, first you have to give a check to your hamster whether he is healthy, happy, or not. Feed them immediately, maybe they would look at you a little strangely but might improve after getting nutritious food. If your Hamster is showing some of the signs like runny nose, irregular eating or drinking, foot sores, blood in urine, and others; you should immediately take them to the vet.

“Free time and attention are good for Hamsters, but supervision is important”.

We can conclude that hamsters can live without food for 3-4 days but still they need someone for supervision. While leaving them alone you should take care that you have made necessary arrangements for them like 2 water bottles, a bowl full of nutritious food, fruits (watermelons, apples, bananas), etc. Returning back, it’s very important to give them full attention, cuddle if they need to, & do the proper inspection of them, and check whether they are happy or not.

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