How Much & How Often You Should Feed Your Goldfish

Do Goldfish Sleep?

Introduction Goldfish do indeed sleep, but not in the same manner as us. Since goldfish don’t have eyelids, they don’t close their

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Blackbird Nesting

With a population of over 6,000,000 breeding pairs, the common European blackbird is one of the most prolific bird species in the

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Do Birds Eat Apples?

Do you wish you could appreciate the splendor of nature without leaving your house? Birds frequently stop by our houses in search

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Blue Jay Nesting

A blue jay is undeniably one of the most stunning and vibrant birds around. Their vibrant blue plumage sets them apart from

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Does hamster stink?

In contrast to popular belief, hamsters themselves do not have a particularly offensive odor. At the very least once a week, the

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