What is a Group of Owls Called?


Owls are the mysterious birds who are barely seen in groups. Most birds generally form a group during the breeding season but owls can form anytime. They are generally seen in pairs but sometimes in a group. It is extremely rare but it’s a great sight to have. The collective term for owls is often referred to as parliament. There are more names that are termed for the group of owls. We will discuss more on the groups of owls and their behavior.


The group of owls is rarely seen, often termed as the parliament of owls but there are more variable names that refer to a group of owls. Here are the collective nouns for a group of owls:

  • The wisdom of the owl
  • A hooting of owls
  • A stare of owls
  • A silence of owls
  • A bazaar of owls
  • A stooping of owls
  • A pair of owls
  • A nest of owls
  • An eyrie of owls
  • A diss of owls
  • A looming of owls
  • The spaciousness of owls
  • A congress of owl

Why is the group of owls known as parliament?

A group of owls is known as parliament because of their wiseness and political-strategic mind. Owls are known as wise birds as their strategy of hunting their prey is incredible and they also protect themselves smartly from other predators. But they are known as clever predators. 

It is also said that in C.S. In Lewis’s 1950s book, the Chronicles of Narnia, he referred to a group of owls as a parliament and after that, it became quite popular that the name originated from the idea of the story.

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Why is the group of owls termed the congress of Owls?

Congress is an occasionally performed meeting between people and like that group of owls can be spotted rarely. They are often not seen in groups and they form occasionally. This is why their collective noun is termed so, but this term is less known compared to other terms.

Stares of Owl

Owls have big eyes and they stare at people which can make them scared. It is seen that a group of owls seems to stare at people and that is why when they sit together in a group, it looks like they are starting, which is why they are also known as the stares of owls.

What is a group of owls called when they are flying?

A group of owls whenever in flight is termed as silence. It is extremely rare to see groups of owls flying as they are seen sitting together in pairs or groups sometimes. This specific collective term for them in flight is given as these owls fly silently without even letting their prey get a chance for saving themselves. This is a crucial way of surviving for all species of owls and this is why they are termed silent owls.

What are the groups of other species of owls called?

  • Snowy owls

Snowy owls have often termed Blizzard whenever they are seen in groups. Blizzard means a drastic storm of snow and whenever these white snowy owls are seen in groups, it looks like a blizzard. The white-colored snowy owls are also known as polar owls, Arctic owls, and white owls.

  • Great horned owl

Great horned owls whenever in groups are termed as ‘tigers of the air. It is so because these owls’ appearance is like a tiger’s with no ears but it closely like horns and this is why they are also called tiger owls. They have an aggressive nature like a tiger towards their prey.

  • Barred owls

Barred owls whenever in a group are often termed as a jail of barred owls and a prohibition of barred owls.

  • Baby owls

Baby owls are known as owners and the group of baby owls is called a brood. Broods of baby owls are rarely seen in their nest. 

Owls form a group anytime or ou

Why do owls form a group?

Outside of the breeding season and during breeding season they form a pair. These nocturnal birds form a group to protect themselves from predators or mobbing songbirds and also during the winter season to warm themselves while huddling together. Roosts are usually located nearby to good hunting spots that have abundant prey for owls to hunt. So this might be another reason. 


Owls are known to have great eyesight and they are majestic birds. Owls hunt and feed on large prey, so whenever in groups it becomes easy for them to find their food. The majority of owls are monogamous and these birds are often found in pairs, rather than in groups.

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