What do snowy owls eat?

Have you heard about wonderful, “Efficient predators” snowy owls, whose population is the least according to data? Their expected length is 21-28 inches and their weight is around 1-½ to 6-½ pounds. They are famous birds of Quebec, Canada. They are known for their beauty and are popular in Greece as a symbol of wisdom. That’s why it is used as an expression of ” Wise as an owl “. The most famous snowy owl can be seen as Hedwig – friend, companion, and the one who was depicted as a famous wizard in Harry Potter. 

How do snowy owls look and why are they known as efficient predators? 

These snowy owls have a wonderful body with snowy white feathers, designed with black forks and strips. They have got dazzling yellow eyes. Female snowy owls look a little unique from male ones with the addition of darker black markings. 

These qualities together make them spectacular and “Efficient predators” all over the world. When there is no snow around, these owls are easy to notice or see in the greenery background. Normal owls are active at night and these snowy owls mostly hunt during the daytime mainly in summer when days are long. They are mostly covered with heavy feathers from head to toe. These feathers act as a protective shield in severely cold weather. 

Feathers act as a blanket, helping them to keep warm. Feathers help them to keep flying efficiently but again they have to struggle while moving closer to their prey so that they don’t hear them. If this happens, they will lose their prey. 

Their hearing power is unquestionable, helping them to hear quickly where their prey is moving. They can detect their prey by just hearing, and sensing. 

Where are these snowy owls not seen mainly? 

These snowy owls are mainly not seen in Idaho, except in winter. Also in Boise, their population is unrelatable. They spent most of the time on the field to enjoy a meal if they were able to find it by attracting many birds. 

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Where do they live? 

Being an “Efficient predator” they live in regions around the north pole, basically cold places and in no breeding season, they are noticed in areas of Canada, the US, and Europe. Though their real identity belongs to Canada. They are known to travel much as per their ability. But why?? 

Obviously in the search for their “Special prey” where they get good populations of lemmings, voles they roam their heavenly and more. Father in search of food. 

This can be clear now they are always moving from one place to another. They are not stocked in one place, though they are being found in Canada, their birthplace keeps on changing. Especially when they have high populations of prey, owls are successful in producing lots of young owls. Though snowy owls had to do a lot to search for enough food for themselves as well as their younger ones. Mainly they love to live in open areas with few trees. In the arctic, they are founded in the tundra, also in grasslands, and open fields. 

“Life of snowy owls” is very struggling, especially when they have to migrate from one place to another in search of food, secondly give birth to young ones, and lastly climate change and its severe effects on them. Where they had to balance their meal from three times to 1 time. 

How is getting food difficult for snowy owls? 

“Life of snowy owls” is wonderful as they live in an open, green, and cold environment. But they have to suffer a lot. As they have to hide from humans, as most of them seek to trap them. Other attacks include – shooting, poisoning, and collisions with cars and power lines. 

Other wild animals also try to take their young eggs. Not only their catchers, one of the biggest threats for these snowy owls is “how Climate change and its effects” on their life. Climate change causes severe effects on their prey. Living in rugged, hot, or remote places can be difficult for them as they always live in cold places and can’t adapt to hot places. 

They are also affected by the – 

  • Increase of chemical use in an environment
  • Deforestation
  • Climate change (rise in temp) 
  • Global warming 
  • Industrial release of toxic gases. 

What can be the worst to be noticed here? 

  • Climate change has many other causes 
  • Rise of temp provoking animals to travel to north 
  • More places are crowded with humans, and they are unable to hide. 
  • Living in hot places, especially with human beings is different for snowy owls who are adapted to live freely in cold places 
  • With human beings who act as traps for the creatures, their life becomes miserable. 

What do they eat? 

Snowy owls are fond of eating lemmings, voles, and other small rodents; they eat these animals several times. During the season of breeding snowy owls love to eat mostly dozens of lemmings. Snowy owls are very intelligent at hunting and have a good sense of hearing, walking slowly they can hunt easily. Besides voles or rodents, they are also known for hunting mammals like squirrels, birds, and seabirds. Not only this they can also add fish, amphibians, and insects to meals. Though snowy owls have their effective hunting strategies, they usually watch silently, watching for the next meal. They work with patients and fly low waiting for their prey. 


India is a land of different species of plants, animals, and birds. Birds like snowy owls are worth appreciating for their wonderful features and qualities. Though they both struggle and live their life to the fullest. Both females and males get their nests ready together. With a proper place to watch for their predators like human beings, they are also very protective of their nests and eggs. They had to manage a lot to prevent themselves from many atrocities like- 

  • Human beings trap 
  • Wild animals like gulls 
  • Climatic changes and their effects

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